Meet the 2018 Grant Recipients


About the Grant

Adventure offers us the opportunity not only to be empowered or inspired but also to dream and dare. When women connect with adventure in its many forms, we see something more profound occur - an opportunity to channel its benefits for the greater good.
Not only does it allow women to grow into more confident, compassionate, resilient and courageous humans, women often use its power to affect positive change around them.
In themselves
In their Communities
In our World.

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How Did the Travel Play Live Women's Adventure Grant Come To be?

The Travel Play Live Women’s Adventure Grant  is not about ‘Insta-worthy’ pictures of smiling women with perfect hair or pink washing the adventure / outdoor space. It is a genuine effort to improve the visibility of women’s participation, skills and sense of achievement, promoting tangible results to encourage women of all experience levels and create an entry point for women and girls on the peripheral of adventure.

It all started with some conversations with adventurous women within our network, leaders in their own right, and all round epic women in early 2017 when they informed us that they had been knocked back from expedition funding because women’s adventures weren’t deemed “epic” enough.

Once we picked out jaws off the ground, we began to discuss a few things. Firstly what is the definition of epic, and what is it that causes such a controversial reaction when the words adventure and women are used in the same sentence and second, with women tipping the scales when it comes to participating in many outdoor active pursuits, why are women still not being seen or heard?

Epic does tend to conjure images of extreme adrenaline filled escapades. However, in more colloquial terms epic can be defined as ‘extending beyond the usual or ordinary’ and we don’t see any issues with applying this definition to the domain of women’s adventure.

Travel Play Live and a new wave of female driven adventure content creators speak often of differences in the feminine experience of the outdoors, and we certainly don’t think that that unique difference should exclude women from being able to access funding for their adventurous pursuits. And so the Women’s Adventure Grant was born.

Travel Play Live Women’s Adventure Grant 2018 is proudly supported by Rays, Jack Wolfskin, The Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour, Fully Rad, The Ageing Revolution and our crowd funding supporters within the broader Australian adventure community.

The Grant is not just about sharing stories, but actively supporting Australian Women within the Adventure space, helping turn the dreams of women of all ages, with a passion for adventure, change, exploration and expedition into a reality.

The Crowdfunding Campaign


Our goal to get the adventure community involved and raise $15K - $20k in our crowdfunding campaign was successful, so we can:

  • Allocate a minimum of $5000 in cash funding within each category of the Travel Play Live Women's Adventure Grant.

  • Develop a mentoring program for the recipients and shortlisted entrants to connect them with established female mentors in the arena, equip them with the skills necessary to present their project to the broader community, manage their PR and ensure they fulfil their projects goals.

  • Provide recipients with media coverage and support in the lead-up, during and post project

  • Provide recipients with equipment from our partners, so not only will grant recipients be supported and mentored to get their dream off the ground, they will be equipped with technically innovative apparel and equipment to assist them in reaching their goals.

  • Establish ongoing funds and the groundwork to ensure that the Travel Play Live Women's Adventure Grant becomes a key event within the Australian Women's Adventure calendar.

Meet our Grant Ambassador


We are honoured to have Hanny Allston as our Women’s Adventure Grant Ambassador.

Hanny is Tasmanian born and has achieved at the elite level in a range of running sports including orienteering, marathon, mountain and trail running. Hanny is the only athlete outside of Europe to have won a World Orienteering Title.. She has qualifications in Medical Science, Education, Life Coaching, Business and Sports Coaching, and is fascinated by the science behind performance. She is the founder of Find Your Feet which she now runs with her husband, Graham Hammond.
“It is an honour to become Travel Play Lives’ ambassador for their  Women’s Adventure Grant. Exploring wild places, with hair wild, scratches and mud sneaking up my legs is where I find my truest self. Running along a remote trail feels like I am peering through a window into a place, breeding wonder for what lies ‘out there' but also to the hidden strengths that lie ‘within me'. I want to help women experience this sense of curiosity too. Fascinated by the art of preparing for such adventures, I feel like it is my calling to explore how we can master our own excellence and then share this with Australian women, so together we can foster adventurous, free spirits.”
You can find out more about Hanny from her website and the fabulous ways she supports adventure initiatives via her podcast

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Krystle Wright.jpg

Krystal Wright - Adventure Sports Photographer

"There truly aren't any barriers in this industry except the ones you have set yourself. Understandably, the tough thing to overcome is to find support and help that expedition or trip happen. I'm excited to see this new grants program launch to help other women carve out their way into the adventure realm and discover what their strength is. But more importantly, understand their weaknesses and how to grow and evolve from that vulnerable place.

Photo credit ©Andy Mann

Jemima 2 .jpg

Jemima Robinson - Adventure Reels Director

Incredible and inspiring women have always been out there having amazing adventures but they have typically been self-funded with their stories rarely being told through film. The Travel Play Live Women's Adventure Grant program is such an incredible initiative that will have a far-reaching impact on inspiring women to live adventurous lives and share their stories with others. Not only will it directly affect the recipients of the grants it will have a positive impact on all of us who get to read the stories and see the films. I am do delighted to support this incredible initiative and can't wait to see the stories, dreams and adventures come to life.

Richard Old 2.jpg

Richard Old - Fully Rad Adventures

Fully Rad Adventures has one key goal - get people outside and adventuring. Knowing that adventure means different things to different people we are constantly hunting for new ways to promote this ideal. We are behind the Travel Play Live Women's Adventure Grant because it not only fits within our ethos but because we believe it will create real change and momentum for women's adventure. Also, because we love what Travel Play Live does and the grant is a really cool idea!