Support TPL by buying a wholesale box of 30 current issue magazines!

We’ve thought of a way that businesses (and individuals of course) can support us, gain exposure to market their products and/or services to our community and widen our reach. Introducing the TPL Supporters Box.

This is your chance to contribute to our longer term sustainability and to ensure this incredible grass roots, independent, non glossy magazine gets in the hands of more adventurous women in Australia, and beyond.

TPL Supporters Box

We have a limited number of boxes left (30 magazines) of the current TPL issue #12 In Store now (released mid September 2018). For a limited time only you can buy a box for $300 + GST which includes delivery to an Australian address.

You can either;

  • giveaway the magazine to your clients

  • build the magazine into a promotion (ie spend $100 or book a consultation and receive a free TPL magazine)

  • sell at RRP of $14.95 each (please note if you are intending to sell to first seek permission off us. Mostly this will be fine however if you are a newsagent it will not be ok) - you could recover the cost of your investment with change - up to $148 extra.


  • Market Place size ad (logo, 50 words, business name and website) in our next print magazine issue on a page that promotes our online Directory & recognises our Supporters.

  • PLUS we’ll throw in a free Directory listing (usually $200 + GST). The Directory will be promoted in our print magazine and through our digital channels.

  • AND we will also shout out your support through the closed Facebook group/Hub with a link to your business.

This is a fabulous opportunity to Support TPL with value in the purchase for your own business or community but also you will assist us in widening our reach and this is good. This is what we need - more wonder women reading our wonderful magazine.

If you would like to purchase a TPL Supporter Box (30 issue #12 magazines - including free delivery to Australian addresses) you will need to contact us at The opportunity will be first in best dressed.