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Magazine Subscription 

There is no telling what kind of misadventures you will get up to while trying to get your hands on a copy of Travel Play Live Magazine, so let us take the worry out of your adventure by offering you our various subscription deals! We deliver straight to you and you get all our adventure goodness hassle free so you can focus on more important adventures.

Please allow up to 21- 90 days for delivery of your first issue depending on when you order.

While the time has past for issue #12, to be included in your membership subscription, new members can opt to purchase issue #12 separately on top of - PLUS membership subscription.

This simply translates to mean we have a big bulk mail out exported from our database to a mailing house before the on sale date of each issue. If you subscribe before this list is exported then you miss the run and we then have additional postage charges to send the current issue to you.

For our International Print Subscribers, your subscription will start with the NEXT available issue of the magazine. Please allow up to 90 days for delivery of your first issue depending on when you order. 

We’ll be providing a link to our Digital Subscription available 27 September 2018. We know’s not as good as the real sensory experience of the actual print version of our magazine but it’s great for our international community and those who are reading on the run!

You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting our subscriptions team via the email or call 02 82276486

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Please note that if you notify us of your change of address AFTER our bulk mail out, you may be charged by us to send out a replacement copy. Please email us at the address below to update your address details.

For all your enquires, you can email us

Phone: +61 2 8227 6486