Cut through the noise and EFFECTIVELY market YOUR brand to Adventurous Women

“The time is right for industries and brands to challenge and change
how we portray gender in our advertising”

 Whether you like it or not - you are marketing to a new breed of woman. Let us guide you through the simple shifts you can make to cut through the noise and spend your advertising dollar where it hits your mark!

The Travel Play Live woman is a highly engaged, astute buyer with decision making power and an adventurous heart. To her we are the experts in adventure. Furthermore, she connects with our magazine across multiple channels - print and digital, social media, events, travel and an online membership hub, all highly desirable vehicles to connect her with your brand.

The meaningful environment we have curated for her allows like minded businesses to cut through the clutter, reach a targeted demographic and create brand awareness through relationship building not only in the moment, but more importantly in the long term.

What Brands are Saying about us

Your magazine is so beautiful & really inspiring. We really appreciate all of the coverage that we have received in this edition.
— Caroline Machado Campos. CEO Mountain Designs
So imagine a magazine brave enough to fill its pages with real women more than models with no photoshop and rebels against the manufactured stereotypical T&A advertising. Imagine a magazine that appeals to a woman’s desire to explore, connect to nature and discover adventure without selling its soul to the commercialised agenda.... Imagine
— Emma Chalmers Emazon Agency

We offer:

A beautifully designed niche women’s outdoor adventure lifestyle magazine

  • Which will present your product with a female target audience in mind. Your advertising won't miss the mark! We know her - we are her!

We are the voice of Australian Women’s Adventure, along with positioning ourselves as the first magazine in the country to include ‘body positivity as a part of our DNA.

  • Enabling you to get your products in front of women who trust and support our brand. We speak to her, we build relationships with her and give her positive reasons to buy.

A well designed, fully responsive website and active social media channels including a community hub

  • Converting readers to buyers, via great content , beautiful imagery and interactive campaigns.

A connection to the women leading the charge in the Australian women’s adventure arena

  • Means you get access to our women leaders, sports and adventure athletes, our ambassadors and content creators to showcase your brand.

An engaged and growing community, both on and offline

  • Get your products in front of women passionate about adventure and travel who are already primed to buy!

A 32,000+ readership, a growing print subscriber base, national & international distribution into carefully selected stockists. We also have a digital version of our magazine available.

  • Niche your advertising spend to a market ready to buy

We provide a highly targeted female demographic who are ready to travel and seek active adventure and all that goes along with it.

Our Team

Media Kits & info

Speak with us to discuss how we can help you tell your brands story to our captive female market. Our interactive campaigns, online cross-promotion via competitions and giveaways in conjunction with your print advertising are great ways to leverage your brand! Please contact Natalie Drake-Brockman (TPL Tribe Leader/Executive Director)

What our Readers are saying

Your magazine is a true representation of real people doing amazing things.......this is EXACTLY why I subscribe to it. As a very active member of the outdoor community and an avid traveller … your magazine is right on target.
— S. Whitehead – Reader
I find [the magazine] absolutely fantastic. It was definitely something that was missing and you have filled the gap perfectly. Your magazine is beautiful to read, coffee table worthy and encourages me to know that I can do great things - as its ‘normal’ women like me who are doing so (so I can too)
— S.Cook - Reader
What an amazing magazine! Ever since my friend told me about it I am hooked. I can’t wait until a new issue comes out and I will read it in one go! Being an adventurer myself who loves to spend every free minute in the outdoors rock climbing, running, hiking or canyoning your stories speak right from my heart and truly inspire me. It’s amazing to see how many like- minded women are out there who do good things or are just following their dreams and goals. You give courageous and strong women a voice like no other magazine has done before. Whenever I feel I need another inspiration or just a simple kick in the bottom to get out there I grab your magazine! Keep up the great work and never stop ‘seeking your true north’!
— Karina - Reader


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