Icy Adventures: The Mongol 100

Hitting a low point is inevitable in this kind of event, and for me, reaching this point and what I choose to do with it is part of the reason that I come. This is the point where I need to battle my innermost and deeply held beliefs about my self-worth.

#Authentic - What's Trending in Adventure Films

These days, our desire for acknowledgement often outweighs our desire to go on an adventure for its own sake. And although we know social media is just a series of highlight reels, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that if we don’t have life-changing experiences, captured in Insta-worthy photos, we’re not doing adventure right. 

A Mother’s Legacy: Hiking the John Muir Trail

In a dozen years or so, my son will heft his own pack. I will tell him stories of his grandma, who had his same strawberry hair, and my own tales of perseverance. Together, we will follow in the perpetual footsteps of our heroes, and the unadulterated pleasure of wild spaces which are the legacy of conservationists – like Muir – and the inheritance of future generations.

Galicia and It’s Hidden Doorways

For one long rainy winter, I called Galicia home, and was fortunate to be able to experience its different faces. Although the rain and the cold persisted, the beauty of the forests and moss-covered trees, ancient monuments and cobblestone streets lifted my spirits. It was here that I found the magic, and a warmth that felt like home.

Fresh and Fragrant: An Australian Foodie Gets An Iranian Education

Mustafa’s parents taught me an important rule: in this part of the world, tea is king. At the hotel every morning we sat on the floor and Zahra rolled out a sofreh. We filled two large thermoses one with black tea and one with green, to be consumed with freshly baked crunchy sangak or barbari (Irani flat breads) and cheese. Each morning I would re-fill both thermoses at least twice; chai zeeard anyone?

Motherhood, the Mountains and Me

Carrying a five-month-old baby on a three-day bushwalk to Frenchmans raised more than a few eyebrows. As a friend wished us well, she confided, “I hope the baby doesn’t cry all night”. There were many things that worried me but in my heart I knew that a family bushwalking adventure was just what we needed.

Laughing Yoga

Children laugh over 300 times a day while adults hardly reach up to 15 – a pathetic reality that is leaving laughter to chance. Apparently, at some point, we lost the ability to enjoy everyday life through a good belly laugh. Laughter Yoga allows us to laugh without humour or a specific reason.