At The Heart Of My Bucket List

I’m just a very average girl. I didn’t even start hiking until five years ago when I lost my sister to Melanoma cancer. I was overwhelmed with grief and sadness. Walking was the only thing that brought me inner peace and i have met so many hikers who have developed the same passion for similar reasons.

Open Hearts In A Divided Country

This home I had found in a tiny lakeside village in Turkey, that had given me room to breathe and brought me back to life. It was here, washing dishes and greeting travellers, , that I learned to appreciate a different pace of life, and the freedom that comes from having nowhere to be, and nothing to do but to appreciate the moment you’re in and the people you’re with.

Adventurous Women Break On Through: Traversing Age And Gender Barriers

These two films showcase the absolute thrill and beauty of the outdoors, as well as being part of a movement that supports women in breaking down barriers to the outdoor. Whether it be incredible feats of endurance by women of all ages and backgrounds willing to put themselves on the line to achieve their dreams, or the women striving to take on the realm of the possible.

Born To Run

In 2019 Jacqui will be racing the New Zealand 323 km ultra marathon, and hopes to finish two more overseas events, making her the youngest person to complete an ultra on every continent.  In awe of what she has accomplished, we caught up with Jacqui to find out how she does it.

Meeting The Tattooed Women Of Chin State

Meet the tattoed women of Chin State. The exact explanation for this unique tradition is contested- with the dominant narrative being that it was started centuries ago to hide the beauty of young girls and stop them being kidnapped by Burmese princes searching for wives.

The Power of the Collective

Mention the word ‘philanthropist’ to many Australians and it’s likely they’ll picture a stereotyped rich male businessman or lone hero benefactor. But an increasing number of ‘ordinary’ people are putting their hands in their pockets and their hearts on the line to make a difference.

Love Art

My life had become very black and white and heavy with societal expectation. I was lost and inauthentic and that was not the life I had envisioned for myself. As hard as it was at the time, it was a pivotal moment of change. Adventure and wild frontiers were calling. 


What is Determination?

I believe it is a force we all hold inside of us, one that comes out right when we need that extra push in our lives, whether it be at work, finishing a test, running that extra kilometer, or, in my case, catching a wave to win a National Title.