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Sizing Up the Situation - Women's Adventure Wear

Courage. Determination. Persistence. Resilience. These are all elements that contribute to our ability to climb that mountain, compete in that race, or complete that adventure. They are size-less, shape-less, simmer inside all of us and lead us to engage our limitless potential yet for many of us, the ability to execute those dreams is often thwarted by an inability to source the required technical clothing in our size. 

I Am Enough

In this moment I realised that despite my fear & vulnerability, there was no where else on earth I would rather be, especially not indoors.  I turned towards the trail and told myself to take just one step.  Then another.  Soon my hands were pumping my thighs, turning my legs into pistons that powered from my greater sense of purpose. 

The 7 Commandments of Adventure

Call Out! To all the hikers, explorers, adventurers of this wild and beautiful country!                               Join us this November as we support the Hike it Out Campaign and do our best to be more aware of minimising the impact we have on the places we visit. 

Adventure The Answer to Getting Out of a Rut

It happens to all of us. Sometimes, we just fall into a rut and life feels flat, or worse, painful.                  We can start to wonder why things feel like they're harder than they should be.                                  Here's a little reminder that by simply getting outside, you have the power to change your circumstances. 

The Lessons in Adventure

There is no question that adventure offers the connection and ultimate thrill many of us constantly yearn for. But there is much more to adventure than the adrenaline rush, the opportunity for a new challenge or exploring new places. Along with adventure, comes a means of education, happiness, and inspiration. With every new adventure, we have the opportunity to learn something great about life.



Why do you Adventure?

Adventure can be many things. It can be taking on a new experience, regardless of the outcome. Or seeing the world from a different perspective, even if you’ve seen it a million times before. Maybe to you it's choosing to see the beauty in the extreme? Or do the ordinary differently? Me I'm drawn to explore.  I find it strangely comforting when I'm alone with my a backpack on the other side of the world having to embrace whatever it is that may show up.