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Review: Outrak Instant Tent

Instant tent? Really? I have heard many a tale about “pop up tents” that NEVER return to their original carry case again. BUT this little Instant Tent won me over pretty quickly, and I didn’t even need to read the instructions.

Let’s Celebrate Different

It seems to me these days that too many people are getting the concepts of ‘different’ and ‘equal’ a bit mixed up. And with some really sad, and dangerous outcomes. I say it’s time we embraced different.

Doing the Do - Big Hair Adventures

I actually couldn't care less about my appearance a lot of the time. As long as I am clean and showered, my clothes merely serve the job of keeping me warm and keeping the private bits private. So the fact that I am discussing hair (and offering advice) is a bit beyond my comfort zone, but I feel I have a bit to share on this that may or may not be helpful to fellow big-haired people.

Review - Wacaco Minipresso

The minipresso is perfect for your next adventure, business trip or every day use - In fact a few people we spoke to mentioned they had travelled to the States with it, due to the local coffee being pretty average. With it's compact and lightweight design it is easy to fit in your pack and take with you.

Review - OUTRAK Packaway Rain Jacket

For the price and versatility as a micro-adventurer ‘all rounder’, this jacket is a winner.There were some key features of this jacket we felt the design team had considered. Generous sizing, length, number of pockets, the adjustable hem and hood were great.

Finding My Femininity

My GP sent me away to ‘embrace my femininity’, not ‘be more feminine’.  I don’t have to wear a dress or apply lipstick.  I just needed to love being me, a unique mix of ferocious tomboy, compassionate sister, fun loving fiancée, empathetic friend and loving daughter.  I am a young woman just learning about self-compassion and embarking on a long pilgrimage towards womanhood.