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Sizing Up the Situation - Women's Adventure Wear

Courage. Determination. Persistence. Resilience. These are all elements that contribute to our ability to climb that mountain, compete in that race, or complete that adventure. They are size-less, shape-less, simmer inside all of us and lead us to engage our limitless potential yet for many of us, the ability to execute those dreams is often thwarted by an inability to source the required technical clothing in our size. 

No Blood Should Hold Us Back

If you’ve been following us here at Travel Play Live for awhile, you will know that we aren't afraid to talk about periods. Well I never thought I could love an advertising campaign more than the one for This Girl Can from the UK, but I have just found my new favourite. 

The Day My Purse Stood Up For Body Positivity

Why isn’t body diversity part of brand-specific identity? Fair enough if you stock sizes 6 to 12, but to produce items from sizes 6 to 22, then not promote that you stock those larger sizes in your advertising? Why isn’t athletic diversity considered in marketing?

Life, Adventure & Taking Risks

Taking risks allows us to find our boundaries and redefine our limits of possibilities. But have you ever wondered why some days challenging yourself to step up, try something new, take risks and push your boundaries you find totally exhilarating while other days just stepping outside your front door can feel like the biggest risk you’re up for that day?