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Embracing Buddhism in Bhutan

As a wildlife photographer I have a front row seat for the World Conservation Olympics. While other nations struggle to live in harmony with nature, I think the small, relatively unknown Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan may be the underdog that wins the gold medal. During my Bhutan adventure, I learned a lot about Buddhism and its relationship with nature. I also learned a lot about myself. 

Beginning on a Budget

One thing I hear a lot of amongst would be adventuresses, is that they can’t afford to buy the ‘right gear’ to start training for their adventure, or they think they have to have all the gear and equipment before they even start.  This is not the case!  You certainly don’t need a full kit of technical gear to get started. 

I'll Have What She's Having: The Happiness Adventure Cocktail

I've always been a nonstop happiness seeker, even on my worst days, I really try hard to find a positive. I'm the type that on long drives, I don't ask my husband, "Are we there yet?" I meditate on life and ask myself, "what can I do to make life better, more fun, more meaningful, more exciting". Yep. That's me. I'm forever trying to top up my glass, a glass half full is not my style and I love my glass to be mixed like a cocktail, shaken not stirred, with lots of fun, adventure and experiences.