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Doing the Do - Big Hair Adventures

I actually couldn't care less about my appearance a lot of the time. As long as I am clean and showered, my clothes merely serve the job of keeping me warm and keeping the private bits private. So the fact that I am discussing hair (and offering advice) is a bit beyond my comfort zone, but I feel I have a bit to share on this that may or may not be helpful to fellow big-haired people.

No Blood Should Hold Us Back

If you’ve been following us here at Travel Play Live for awhile, you will know that we aren't afraid to talk about periods. Well I never thought I could love an advertising campaign more than the one for This Girl Can from the UK, but I have just found my new favourite. 

Authentic Dreaming

It’s no secret that I am passionate about promoting the journeys and stories of adventurous women. It is indisputable that we draw inspiration from the endeavours of others, and this inspiration is often the catalyst for growth and goal setting in our own lives.  Recently, however, I can’t help but notice a tendency within myself and others to leap into adventures that were perhaps someone else’s dream, not our own. 

The Day My Purse Stood Up For Body Positivity

Why isn’t body diversity part of brand-specific identity? Fair enough if you stock sizes 6 to 12, but to produce items from sizes 6 to 22, then not promote that you stock those larger sizes in your advertising? Why isn’t athletic diversity considered in marketing?

I'll Have What She's Having: The Happiness Adventure Cocktail

I've always been a nonstop happiness seeker, even on my worst days, I really try hard to find a positive. I'm the type that on long drives, I don't ask my husband, "Are we there yet?" I meditate on life and ask myself, "what can I do to make life better, more fun, more meaningful, more exciting". Yep. That's me. I'm forever trying to top up my glass, a glass half full is not my style and I love my glass to be mixed like a cocktail, shaken not stirred, with lots of fun, adventure and experiences.