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Body Boarding Belle- Millie Chalker

Right from the beginning Travel Play Live has been supporting women in the sport of Body Boarding and we just had to introduce to you our home-grown talent. Millie Chalker has taken to the sport like well, a fish to water and she is now being mentored by another of our favourites, Australian champion Lilly Pollard.

 The Importance of Showing Up

In following our hearts and souls out to the trails, to the mountains, to the ocean, or to the extremities of our capabilities, we are paving a new road of movement. We represent what happens when we tune into our authentic selves and say ‘yes’ to the adventures we are yearning for and when we show up in these spaces and be visible, we are proving what we already know, we can achieve anything.

The Overtraining Paradox

We are lead to believe that overtraining is a ‘syndrome’ reserved for elite athletes or individuals who love excessive amounts of physical activity so here I wish to highlight an important paradox about overtraining.

On Your Bikes Ladies

Buying a bike should be a fun, exciting process. If you take the time to consider these key questions before heading out shopping, you’ll likely end up with your perfect match.