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Women & Horses: Finding Self Confidence Together

Women and horses: we’ve been sharing adventures for centuries. The horse has been our co-worker, our friend, our companion. It’s hard to overstate the impact of the horse on our development, our lives both on the large scale and the small – a friend carrying us home, the warmth of a horse’s breath on our hands, a team-mate sharing the race to the finish line.

Life, Adventure & Taking Risks

Taking risks allows us to find our boundaries and redefine our limits of possibilities. But have you ever wondered why some days challenging yourself to step up, try something new, take risks and push your boundaries you find totally exhilarating while other days just stepping outside your front door can feel like the biggest risk you’re up for that day? 


Sow your Vision

Become a woman of vision today. Slow down & breathe in the beauty of today. Write down your dreams & make them plain, so when the opportunity comes you are ready to run