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I Am Enough

In this moment I realised that despite my fear & vulnerability, there was no where else on earth I would rather be, especially not indoors.  I turned towards the trail and told myself to take just one step.  Then another.  Soon my hands were pumping my thighs, turning my legs into pistons that powered from my greater sense of purpose. 

Life, Adventure & Taking Risks

Taking risks allows us to find our boundaries and redefine our limits of possibilities. But have you ever wondered why some days challenging yourself to step up, try something new, take risks and push your boundaries you find totally exhilarating while other days just stepping outside your front door can feel like the biggest risk you’re up for that day? 


Taking Back My Power - One Day at a Time

So I had a bit of a ‘oh crap’ health moment recently. One of those moments when I  realise that if I don’t slow this train down and take care of myself, I am headed for serious health repercussions.I know I can make it back, I’ve done it before, but I kick myself that I let is slide. Doesn’t take much. Bit of stress here, extra shift there, sick kids, school holidays, whatever and before you know it, BAM!