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Let’s Celebrate Different

It seems to me these days that too many people are getting the concepts of ‘different’ and ‘equal’ a bit mixed up. And with some really sad, and dangerous outcomes. I say it’s time we embraced different.

Finding My Femininity

My GP sent me away to ‘embrace my femininity’, not ‘be more feminine’.  I don’t have to wear a dress or apply lipstick.  I just needed to love being me, a unique mix of ferocious tomboy, compassionate sister, fun loving fiancée, empathetic friend and loving daughter.  I am a young woman just learning about self-compassion and embarking on a long pilgrimage towards womanhood. 

 The Importance of Showing Up

In following our hearts and souls out to the trails, to the mountains, to the ocean, or to the extremities of our capabilities, we are paving a new road of movement. We represent what happens when we tune into our authentic selves and say ‘yes’ to the adventures we are yearning for and when we show up in these spaces and be visible, we are proving what we already know, we can achieve anything.

Sizing Up the Situation - Women's Adventure Wear

Courage. Determination. Persistence. Resilience. These are all elements that contribute to our ability to climb that mountain, compete in that race, or complete that adventure. They are size-less, shape-less, simmer inside all of us and lead us to engage our limitless potential yet for many of us, the ability to execute those dreams is often thwarted by an inability to source the required technical clothing in our size. 

Focusing on the Real Triumph

It is hard to encapsulate in words what signing up for my first triathlon signified in the overall story of my life. In many ways, it was the epitome of my new, fearless approach to living. I had called off the war on my body and was fearlessly pursuing all the activities I had always wanted to do, but never felt were within my grasp; such as running, and above all, a triathlon.

What the Heck is Body Positivity?

I seriously had to ask myself this question, especially since I had been invited to share on a panel regarding the topic. I could understand it in relation to those women out there, but to apply it to myself touched a raw nerve inside me that until last night I hadn’t quite been able to pin down.