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Body Boarding Belle- Millie Chalker

Right from the beginning Travel Play Live has been supporting women in the sport of Body Boarding and we just had to introduce to you our home-grown talent. Millie Chalker has taken to the sport like well, a fish to water and she is now being mentored by another of our favourites, Australian champion Lilly Pollard.

The Art of Free Diving

Polish-born Agata Bogusz was always destined for life in the water. But it wasn’t until a scuba trip in Egypt in 2008 that she discovered freediving. The Polish record holder is now based in Bali, with a mission to share the benefits of freediving with others. 

My Blind Ambition

It is easy to get caught up in life, put off what you really want to do and take things like your health for granted. When Melanie Chatfield, at the age of 20, was diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa that results in blindness, she decided that to see the world in a new way was her only option.

Dream Dare Do - Sarah Davis on Paddling the Nile

Paddling the Nile, was never going to be an easy feat. Yet Sarah Davis has set her heart on becoming the first person to paddle the length of it. She tells us, 'Like all expeditions, getting funding is challenging. It seems to be a shrinking resource in a growth area, as more people undertake some incredible expeditions for many worthy causes'. 

A Girl a Bike a Dream

Only a few years ago she couldn't get out of bed, today 30-year-old Amy-Nicole Peters will get out of her tent and continue her 6000km+ self-supported odyssey across Australia by bike, to show us that anyone can take on a challenge and make a difference.