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Leah Gilbert

Leah is the founder of Body Positive Athletes, a blog and an online community, which celebrates the belief that the term 'athletic' defines a lifestyle, not a body type. A specialist Fitness Counsellor and Accredited Athletics Coach, Leah is known globally as a thought leader in the Body Positive Fitness arena. Leah is a regular contributor for Travel Play Live and has featured in publications such as Huffington Post.

Focusing on the Real Triumph

It is hard to encapsulate in words what signing up for my first triathlon signified in the overall story of my life. In many ways, it was the epitome of my new, fearless approach to living. I had called off the war on my body and was fearlessly pursuing all the activities I had always wanted to do, but never felt were within my grasp; such as running, and above all, a triathlon.

The Day My Purse Stood Up For Body Positivity

Why isn’t body diversity part of brand-specific identity? Fair enough if you stock sizes 6 to 12, but to produce items from sizes 6 to 22, then not promote that you stock those larger sizes in your advertising? Why isn’t athletic diversity considered in marketing?