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Row, Row, Row Your Float

Why do we love to float? Is it because we feel light and free? Unshackled and adventurous as we drift towards the unknown? Perhaps it reminds us of being a kid and splashing about with pool toys. Maybe it’s because it gives us time to enjoy the beauty and simplicity of nature. Whatever the reason, business is booming as innovative float options continue to make a splash. 

Activism Against Ageism

What is ageism?

Ageism is the stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination against people on the basis of their age. It has harmful effects on the health of older adults and is an everyday challenge for our ageing population. Ageism is common at both the individual and institutional level. 

Bouddi Coastal Run 2019

Are you a keen trail runner? Or have you ever wanted to give trail running a go? With so many events on offer these days it might be hard to decide, but you should definitely check this one out for a stunner of an event to experience with your female running buddies. Bring on the girls (or family) weekend away!

Wearable Art

Welcome to the judging of Wearable Art Mandurah, Australia’s premiere wearable art event. The annual garment competition attracts artists from around the globe and culminates in a dazzling, choreographed stage performance that brings art life, transfixes audiences and showcases the work of competition finalists.

Sharing Rainbows: Lessons in Connection from Japan

Sweat is dripping down my forehead, seeping down my neck, before finally making it into my undies. Moving along this trail, far from the wandering crowds, and well beyond reach of emails, phones and all that ‘life’ stuff, I think I am in heaven.  And, from the depths of this meditative state, I feel completely connected to my rawest self.

Women of the Larapinta

The Larapinta Trail is a 223 km long-distance hike, heading west from Telegraph Station in Alice Springs along the West MacDonnell Ranges and finishing at the peak of Mt Sonder. It’s remote, rugged and a tough trail, notoriously known for chewing through even the best hiking boots.

Embracing Buddhism in Bhutan

As a wildlife photographer I have a front row seat for the World Conservation Olympics. While other nations struggle to live in harmony with nature, I think the small, relatively unknown Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan may be the underdog that wins the gold medal. During my Bhutan adventure, I learned a lot about Buddhism and its relationship with nature. I also learned a lot about myself. 

Finding Flow In Derby

Picture a mountain biker carving down a forest trail, an artist absorbed in painting, a race car driver drifting around a corner, or a writer scribbling words onto the page. What do they have in common? They’re all searching for flow. But what, exactly, is ‘flow’? Different people describe it in different ways (such as ‘being in the zone’) but typically the flow state is characterized by complete absorption in what one does, losing the sense of space and time.

Travelling Responsibly for a Sustainable Future

“It’s the small things we do that add up to make a difference. We encourage our trekkers to use public transport – they actually love this as it is a great way to experience the real, day-to-day of the place you are visiting. You’d have to agree that driving around in a chauffeur driven limo would not be the same.”