Taking to the Waves with Roz Decker

Taking to the Waves with Roz Decker


We caught up with Roz Decker from Little Seeds Surf Coaching in WA to find out what makes her tick, some advice of getting started in surfing and her recent trip to Broome to work with girls from remote areas and teach them the art of surfing.

Describe yourself in seven words:

Fun, life-lover, quiet soul-time seeker, mermaid, traveller, people connector

Your favourite thing to do?

Hangout with good friends, surf, laugh. Preferably all together

Your most rewarding surfing moment?

Blessed with loads of them. Recently travelling and surfing with my 17yo son, off the beaten track through Indonesia. Watching his world expand everyday, surfing, experiencing new cultures and making friends on the way.

Where does your Surfing inspiration stem from?

The pure joy of being in the ocean. So many women I have met while travelling, who are chasing their dreams and empowering others to make their life better, inspire me. I’m inspired by my friends who I surf with, and what I know is possible.

Tell us about surfing with Indigenous girls in remote WA & some of your more unique moments.

This year we headed to Broome and worked with a variety of girls who are marginalised and at risk, or who were being rewarded for working hard and being responsible in school and in their sporting academy.  Many of the girls came from remote rural areas and had no or little ocean contact previously. So, over the week we had a large variety of abilities and life attitudes. Hanging out for the day, in the ocean and on the beach, playing games, sharing stories was a valuable time for everyone. The girls opened up about their lives and challenges. An atmosphere of sharing with their mentors and possibility of changes in their lives. It was extremely rewarding to be a part of that process.

At the moment I am working with a global group of women who use surfing as a means to connect, outreach and empower local communities.  There are some exciting possibilities in the very near future, and hopefully it will be open to those you want to join in this experience and combine travel, surf and doing great community work all into one great package.

Little Seeds has also been involved in some really fun experiences, hosting travellers from the Clipper Around the World Race. We took these sailors back into the ocean, on their break in Albany. And let them enjoy a salty experience of a different kind.  They were from all around the world, just come off one of the most challenging legs of their race. So much enthusiasm and inspiration.


So what are some of the benefits and highlights of surfing for a woman?

Some of the greatness of surfing is the freedom of being in the ocean, floating and immersed in water. Being so connected with one of nature’s main elements allows us to let go of the world and just spend time being, challenging, enjoying and giving.  The people you met in the water and as you travel, the strangers who become best friends I have met in some remote island or at my local beach.

In terms of fitness, there’s nothing like the ocean to give you a great workout, and fill you with salty minerals. And as surfers we get to chase the sun and get a great tan and streaky hair.

If a woman is thinking of giving surfing a go, what is your best?

Find some likeminded friends to share the journey with. Girls who are as keen as you, who surf where you want to surf. That will get you into the water more, and more water time means you progress faster.  Also hangout with surfers who are better then you, you will push yourself; learn so much just by watching and being there.  A good coach will help you to get started and also help you progress.  They can teach the skills you need to get it right faster and easier, from your first white water ride to a kick-ass cuttie. Ask questions and ask for help. Get the right equipment, talk to your coach, and your local board shaper about what size, shape and type of board will suit you. Everyone is different size shape and fitness and wants to ride different waves.  See if you local area has a Surfing Mums group, a local board riders group or a surf school. All these can help you connect with other surfers and be a part of your surfing journey

Thanks Roz
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