She Can't Be What She Can't See - Women's Adventure Grant

She Can't Be What She Can't See - Women's Adventure Grant

Four years ago when we launched Travel Play Live Women's Adventure Magazine, the landscape was, to us, a little unbecoming to the female who loved the outdoors and who aspired to be an adventurer.

Magazines and other forms of media rarely featured the achievements of women. The stories told were of epic, year-long expeditions and funded explorations that very rarely, if at all, included women. Not that they weren't there involved, but adventure pursuits, had more a male participation base and was driven by the male media voice.

Times have quickly changed though, and we are seeing:

  • Adventure Networks, Businesses, Outdoor Groups, Podcasts, Expos, Film Tours and Festivals popping across Australia, and the globe, specifically aimed and designed for women.
  • The Adventure Travel market is going through the roof with women as a key driver.
  • Brands quickly getting on board to support a growing female customer base.
  • Women at the helm of many outdoor companies, organisations, and projects highlighting topics such as sponsorship, compensation, gender equality and equal representation.
  • An increase in the number of outdoor events, with female participation, dramatically increasing in this time and in some cases surpassing the number of male entrants.

Four years on women are showing up everywhere in the outdoors. They are excited and interested in dipping their toes into the groundswell that is women's adventure, and for us, our sisters and our daughters, that's an exciting prospect!

One of the changes we are focused on is the content we consume; it has changed drastically. 
Women have made a stand. We are not there to be eye candy we are demanding to be taken seriously and to be seen as women-not objects, as athletes and as the outdoor participants we are.
Mud, blood, sweat, tears, wrinkles, cellulite and all. 
We want authenticity, inspiration, inclusivity, and connection from our media content. We want stories and imagery that represent all genders and fuel the desire of us, everyday adventurers, to get outdoors. 

‘SHE CANT BE WHAT SHE CANT SEE’ is a common phrase around our TPL workplace. 

Being big supporters of the benefits of adventure for all and particularly passionate about an honest representation of females in media, we are well aware of the number of women out there with a passion to create change and using adventure to do so, yet receive little in the way of support. Financial, media training or mentoring - until now

We know the personal and professional cost that living your passion can often have, yet not following your heart is a sure way to live a life constantly questioning ‘should I have just given it a go.' 

So we asked? What can we do to support the many initiatives of other Aussie women creating change individually, locally and globally via adventure?

Hence the Australian Women’s Adventure Grant was born!
We are now counting down the days of our Women’s Adventure Grant Crowd Funding Campaign!

Travel Play Live has yet to establish our own foundation, a long-term goal for us, however, what we can do is create avenues to support the many initiatives of other Aussie women creating change via their adventures in all sorts of exciting areas.

So we ask you to help us create a Big Ripple Effect. Help us make waves that reach far beyond what we can currently do alone as a small (yet fierce) independent women's magazine.


Through our Women's Adventure Grant and Crowd Funding Campaign, we aim to see Australian women supported not only financially, but also via media support, equipment, mentoring and by a collective of adventurers who have their backs, and want to see them succeed in achieving their dreams. 

With four categories to support, funds still to be raised and great rewards to be received for taking part, we are asking you to help kickstart this with us and get behind the initiative.

It's easy and you can show your support in the following ways:

  • Donate as an individual a small business or group
  • Work with us as a brand
  • Share amongst your network and help connect us to people who you think will get behind the idea
  • Speak to us if you have an idea that will see this project soar.

The first part of this project, the Crowd Funding Campaign, launched October 29th, and we look forward to having you on the journey with us. Please check in regularly for updates.

A huge THANK YOU to the companies who got the ball rolling and seeing this grant come to life, Gutsy Girl Adventure Film Tour and Fully Rad Adventures we salute you!

Women's Adventure Grant: Supporter Terra Roam

Women's Adventure Grant: Supporter Terra Roam

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