Review - Henty Enduro Backpack

Review - Henty Enduro Backpack


Product: Enduro Backpack
RRP: $110 AUD
Company: Henty

Quality / Design:   4/5 

Innovation / Sustainability / Ethical Production:  3 /5 

Function / Practicality:  4/5 

TPL Overall Rating:  4 /5

The bum bag is back!  But this time, it’s in disguise.  Henty has reinvented the classic hip hugging design as a cool new mountain biking hydration harness.  The idea is that the bulk of the weight, the water bladder (not included), wraps low around your lumbar without throwing off your centre of gravity.  A mesh shoulder harness makes sure it stays put, while providing extra storage capacity.

Our TPL test rider said “It feels a bit like my off-road run vest, moving with me rather than on me.  There’s no distraction of the bag bouncing around over rough terrain, and it eased the strain on my lower back over longer distances.  Smaller riders would particularly notice the balanced weight distribution.”

The Enduro Backpack carries a decent amount of gear – 3 litres of water, an extra layer, small toolkit, tube and ride snacks – but you might want more storage for a longer endurance ride.  The mesh harness keeps the whole thing nice and breathable, and while we haven’t long-term tested it, the cordura nylon looks built to last, in line with Henty’s established range of commuter cycling gear.  

As the name suggests, this bag is styled for ‘enduro’ mountain bikers.  So while it looks great with a more casual baggy short and looser fit top, the chunky military style straps may be a heavy look for a smaller rider (with a fair bit of shoulder strap to spare), or seem out of place with an all-lycra ensemble.  

Changes we’d like to see include experimenting with stretchy mesh for extra harness storage, and expanding the range with a slimline version of the backpack.
But as it is, the Henty Enduro Backpack is a simple, cool piece of equipment that works well out on the trail.  A new classic.

Designed with women in mind:  

Not really, but that said, we had a great chat with the team from Henty about what they might like to consider next time around, so watch this space. Petite women, may find this pack bulky and larger breasted women might find it a little awkward across the chest, but all in all it is great.

Product Description / Technical Specs:

Henty’s Enduro Backpack is the ultimate hydration kit for cyclists, to keep you energised, ventilated and hydrated. The Enduro acts as a tool belt for all the essentials you need to hand.

A water bladder (not included) is positioned as close as possible to your centre of gravity, giving you freedom and agility. There are plenty of pockets and webbing for storage and easy access while you’re on the move. The innovative design of the Enduro gives you ventilation where it counts, minimising sweaty back syndrome.

Made from a tough Cordura 500D nylon to ensure it is lightweight, yet strong enough to withstand the hard hits.

Features include:

  • Lumbar (including hips and kidney) impact protection
  • Moulded foam for improved air ventilation
  • Compatible with most 3L hydration bladders (not included).
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Molle webbing
  • Plenty of pockets

Tech specs:

  • 500D Cordura Nylon
  • Volume: 5 Litres
  • Weight: 550grams
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