Natural Exhilaration: New Book on How to Battle the Blues With Adventure

Natural Exhilaration: New Book on How to Battle the Blues With Adventure

Inspirational wild woman Di Westaway spills tips on how to create a life of exhilaration

Some doctors call it Lifestyle Medicine. Di calls it natural adventure and if you want to beat the blues and flourish in a busy world, read on.


She’s a world record holder, a 2016 top 100 Woman of Influence and mother of three who has forged back from the depths of despair to create a social change business that has transformed the lives of millions around the world. To coincide with International Women’s Day (Wed 8 March, 2017), Chief Adventure Chick Di Westaway shared her secrets to living a happy, bold and adventurous life with the release of her new book Natural Exhilaration: Lead an Adventurous Life You Love.

“Sixteen years ago, I was tired, wrung out, miserable and fighting forty. I was juggling a bunch of common suburban housewife dramas and a dysfunctional relationship when my world disintegrated into what I call a mid-wife crisis. Then, out of the blue, a friend’s personal trainer invited me to join his group trek up a high altitude mountain in Peru. The thrill of adventure beyond the drudgery of my white picket fence and my complete lack of fitness motivation inspired me to sign up,” said Westaway. Eight years on, Westaway is the CEO and Founder of Wild Women On Top, whose flagship event, Coastrek, has inspired nearly 20,000 women off the couch and into healthy lifestyles while raising over $17 million dollars to restore sight with The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Comic writer Gretel Killeen says, “Di is an extraordinary woman who has me quite baffled. How she manages to achieve all she does and help so many along the way is an absolute mystery. Find the secret inside this book.”

Natural Exhilaration explores two key activities to motivate, guide and energise. If you’re looking for inspiration and motivation use Westaway’s Adventure Mindset which encourages you to take on adventure immersions like Coastrek to help jumpstart your head and heart. For a daily self-care energiser, Westaway recommends her Rituals of Joy.

The Daily Rituals of Joy are scientifically supported self-care rituals to create delight and joy every day. Westaway has developed these from experience, practice and neuroscience uncovered by thought leader Paul Taylor. These practices will help create daily habits that keep hormones happy.

Westaway's 10 daily rituals to help people on keep on
the happiness highway

  • Love: It makes the world go round
  • Move: Walk hike, skip, stroll, leap, dance, stretch, bonk, climb, surf, ride, paddle for an hour & puff for 5 minutes
  • Nourish: Eat real unprocessed food until 90% full, 90% of the time
  • Sleep: Rejuvenate and heal with your eight hour dose
  • Mindful: Yoga, meditation, deep healing breaths or just being present for 10 minutes
  • Nature: Get outside into the garden, park, woods, river, bush, coast, sunshine, breeze, trails, lake or seaside for 10 minutes
  • Goodness: Always bring more than you take away
  • Grateful:  Take moments to spot & savour slivers of joy
  • Giggles: Lighten up because laughter really is the best medicine
  • Tech off: Go screen free for just an hour

Di believes that while attempting to make life funner, fuller, freer and fabber, we have outsourced responsibility for our own health. We prefer pills, potions, supplements, fad diets and quick fixes for our global health crisis. The World Health Organisation calls it an epidemic and that lifestyle diseases like diabetes, depression and obesity could send more of us to an early grave than the Black Plague, which killed 75 million people in the 14th century.

“After 35 years of seeking health through exercise I discovered the powers of adventure because I hit a wall. I’ve created a lifestyle solution that’s helped tens of thousands of women, and this book pulls together those lessons into guide for bringing exhilaration into your own life,” said Westaway.

With this in mind, Di has laid out her step by step guide to living a happier and healthier, more adventurous life of exhilaration in her new book Natural Exhilaration: Lead an Adventurous Life You Love.

Adventure is fun. It can motivate you off the couch and into action.  This book shares compelling women’s wisdom, simple science and top tips to help you get your life back and guide your adventurous journey every step of the way.

Natural Exhilaration: Lead an Adventurous Life You Love is available for purchase from

Natural Exhilaration


RRP 29.95 plus $5.50 postage.

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