Leah Gilbert

Leah Gilbert


Leah is the founder of Body Positive Athletes, a blog and an online community, which celebrates the belief that the term 'athletic' defines a lifestyle, not a body type. A specialist Fitness Counsellor and Accredited Athletics Coach, Leah offers Fitness Psychology Services and is known globally as a thought leader in the Body Positive Fitness arena. Leah is a regular contributor for Travel Play Live and has featured in publications such as Huffington Post.

We're super excited she's be joining us at our Women's Adventure Summit. Here's what she had to say about it:

Why did you say YES to being involved in the Summit?

Who wouldn't say YES to being a part of this amazing event?! As a long-term supporter of Travel Play Live and true believer in women expanding their horizons and life experiences through adventure, it is an honour to be a part of an event designed to help women achieve this. 

What do you think women will take away from this experience?

Hopefully women who experience this event will not only take away a whole host of new friends and connections, but a confidence that they can move forward into a life of adventure and a tool kit of basic skills to get them started.

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What can delegates expect from you over the weekend?

I am looking forward to connecting with women over the course of the weekend through both my presentation and just generally out doing awesome things together. I am excited to be talking about how adventure and a fearless pursuit of our goals can help up embrace our bodies, ourselves, and see us living to our true potential. 

What is your definition of Adventure?

Adventure is something that sets your soul on fire. For me, it’s whatever activity takes you back to those feelings of wonder, excitement, and exploration that are so common in childhood. Its something that pushes your comfort zones and sees you walk away with that 'twinkle' in your eye. 

How do you see Adventure as a catalyst for change?

Adventure is a brilliant catalyst for change because it helps us see what we are truly capable of. In many ways it takes us back to the 'roots' of who we are by taking us back to the basics of nature, self-reliance and determination. As I always say, there's often an old friend waiting for us on the edge of our comfort zones saying, "I always knew you would come back."

Would you like to meet Leah at our Adventure Summit? Book your tickets here!

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