Kemi Nekvapil

Kemi Nekvapil


"I believe women are powerful, but many do not feel that way. I believe women are more than mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. I believe women need to own their possibilities. I believe success is defined by the woman creating it."

Kemi Nekvapil is an accredited life-coach and speaker has worked in the wellness industry for over 20 years. Known as the 'woman’s coach’ she specialises in empowering women to set boundaries, say yes to themselves and to create lives that honour and nourish them. A regular media commentator and writer on women’s self-love and self-care Kemi is committed to seeing a change in how women feel about themselves and how they express themselves in the world.  

We are excited to have won her for our Adventure Summit and spoke to her about her expectations and what adventure means to her.

Why did you say YES to being involved in the Summit?

This is needed. I know that I need it, so I believe that other women need to too. This event honours all women and I wanted to be part of the team that puts women’s adventure on the map in a way that is accessible for anyone that is willing to give it a go. It is time for us to nourish all parts of ourselves and I believe that adventure does that.

What do you think women will take away from this experience?


It is not until we get out of our comfort zones that we realise how strong, brave and resourceful we can be. I think women will take away that they do not have to hide that strength anymore, that it should be celebrated and shared. I also believe that women will leave the weekend feeling that they are ‘enough' already. And of course an incredible community of new friends, some of those new friends may be friends for life. That is what adventure does - it creates strong connections.

What can delegates expect from you over the weekend?

Honest, grounded and realistic ways to live life better. I love to hold the space for women to be reminded that we are in the driver’s seat of our own lives and that when we feel empowered and supported we can create the lives that honour and nurture us. They can also expect me to get out of my comfort too (white water rafting anyone!). We are definitely all going to be in it together!

What is your definition of Adventure?

Every time I have butterflies in my stomach and I have no idea how something is going to turn out I class as an adventure. Sometimes that means the school run, and sometimes that means running 100 km. Taking on an adventure for me means that I am willing to go with the flow, not know how it is going to end and have fun along the way. There has to be fun!

How do you see Adventure as a catalyst for change?

I think there are changes at the internal and external levels. For every women on her adventure journey, whether she has just begun or is practically a pro, she grows stronger and more courageous every time she says ‘I can do this’, and the world needs more and more strong and courageous women right now. From an external level we can not be what we can not see. The more of us that are out there pushing our physical and emotional selves as a way to get to know ourselves and others better, we give other women permission to come on the adventure too.

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