It Was Never a Dress

It Was Never a Dress


This week was my wake up call, the clarification that what we do here at TPL is so much more than adventure and travel. As they say 'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear'. 

So below I'm summarising my '‎BodyImage101' lessons for the week. 😉

When we are kept quiet, kept small, kept powerless by the constant fear that our body isn’t right we put our life off. We wait, we stay quiet, we sit back and we watch.

Lesson 1:

This prevents us from engaging in the really important debates that effect women and children worldwide. Topics including equality, social justice and violence because we’re constantly in doubt of ourselves and what we could possibly bring to such important topics of discussion. 

Lesson 2:

If we choose to sit back and say nothing in fear of using our voice because it 'may upset the applecart' we do more damage internally. By not speaking our truth, we are saying to ourselves 'we don't matter' and what we have to say is of little value, which further contributes to the breakdown of our individual self worth and the strength of women as a whole.

Lesson 3:

We must love and honour our own unique voice, use it to have the conversations that are difficult individually, locally and globally so to help fill in the gaps rather than stay silent and let the breaches widen. 

We must remember we have a unique God given entrustment as women to speak up, use our voice and not to neglect it by staying silent in conversations that truly matter. 

#‎FightLikeGirls #‎LionessArising #‎ItwasNeveraDress

Thanks to the ladies that help me stand more confident in my own space this week . 😘

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