Life In The Slow Lane

Life In The Slow Lane

Liss Connell is a self confessed dreamer, adventure seeker, nature lover, food and laughter enthusiast, herbal tea and chocolate addict. We first stumbled upon Liss when we spied this stunning image by @thekimberlyaustralia on Instagram. We've been enchanted by her journey throughout Australia in her vintage 1959 Sunliner Caravan.

Where do you hail from originally?

Nowhere, really. Our family moved around during my childhood, and I've continued this nomadic lifestyle. My strongest memories come from living in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Sunshine Coast, Broome, Margaret River, Wollongbar (Byron region) and the Gold Coast. My favourite place to live is Byron - beautiful beaches, creative communities, fresh food from the markets, nice weather, it's just so pretty there.

Where do you currently find yourself?

The Kimberley, North Western Australia.

What inspired you to purchase your beautiful 1959 Sunliner caravan and travel around Australia?

I love the freedom of van life. Waking up and looking out of my window at different landscapes, having the convenience of exploring new destinations and 'carrying my home on my back'. In my younger years, dad used to restore vintage cars, so my love for old cars and vans began early.

What have been some of your highlights so far?

South Australia was a really unexpected surprise. I knew nothing about the state, and I was blown away by the beauty of the wide open spaces, stark landscape, friendly people and dramatic cliffs that drop straight down to the ocean. Also, the region around Margaret River (south Western Australia) is always a favourite spot for me to pull into. 

Wow! An absolutely breathtaking view out of my van's back window ... The rock is all lit up by the afternoon sunlight, and reflecting into the water. Awesome.

Most of all, don’t dream about it forever, make a plan to work toward, then do it!

I wouldn't classify you as a 'grey nomad' by any stretch of the imagination, how have you found it being a younger adventurer in a caravan?

Haha, yeah, it's funny that you ask. Someone commented on my Instagram that I've made being a 'young grey nomad' look cool. I hadn't given much thought to grey nomads until I read that. Maybe it was you guys that wrote that??? Now that I think about it, yeah, it is mainly older people that I see on the road. Most young people are overseas exploring Europe, Canada, etc. I started working at age 14, saved all of my cash, and was travelling solo around the world in my early 20s, so I felt happy to now explore Australia having spent lots of time overseas already.

 I think @lakeargyle has the best caravan park in Australia. This spot is still relatively unknown, but don't be surprised if you see swimsuit models posing in front of this pool in years to come! 

Have you got any tips or words of wisdom for anyone thinking about embarking on a similar adventure?

Learn to live with less, it's easier on the road if you don't carry much. I live in a black singlet and denim shorts most days. Don't have a set itinerary, things come up along the way and it's always the side trips that offer the best stories and memories. Most of all, don't dream about it forever, make a plan to work toward, then do it!

Any idea of where to next?

I'll head east when I feel time's up here in the Kimberley. Just rolling with the opportunities as they present themselves (pun intended).

Where can people follow more of your journey?

The only social media that I really use regularly is my Instagram @lifeintheslowlane. I like interacting with people through insta. 

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Thank You Liss

All photos are kindly used with permission from Melissa Connell

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