Hike It Out

Hike It Out

Nothing ruins a beautiful moment outdoors more than litter. The whole reason we go adventuring is to feel one with nature, to get back to our roots, get away from the city and experience a place that’s untouched. It's about feeling connected with Mother Nature, rather than imposed on by mankind. Aiming to bring back the beautiful moments, we introduce to you the Hike it Out Campaign. 


The brainchild of Heather Porter, Hike it Out is an environmental awareness campaign aimed at making adventurers responsible for taking their rubbish with them when exploring, and better still to remove what they find along the way. The campaign does this by educating people on the damaging effects of litter in the environment and provides advice on how to minimise your impact when exploring.

"After falling in love with the outdoors, I became painfully aware of how much litter was around. I vowed to myself to always pick up what I see, but it’s impossible to have the impact I wanted when doing this alone. It occurred to me that creating and promoting Hike it Out would be the perfect way to address litter in popular areas and create a healthy hiking culture.

The push to start the campaign came from Scouts; as part of my Baden Powell Award, I got to create a Community Project. Originally all I had was the mission 'to be adventure inspiring and environmentally focused targeting waste and pollution. The project must make a difference and benefit the community.' From here, Hike it Out came to life, a project which will continue to make an impact long after I achieve the Baden Powell Award".

Many people have already jumped on board and are submitting photos of their Hike it Out Hauls, proudly cleaning up after others and contributing to a positive hiking culture, but now the final challenge is to get everyone involved. We want YOU to join the community of people who care about our environment by taking the Hike it Out Pledge online at www.thisramblingrover.wordpress.com

Whether you're hiking, biking, kayaking, surfing, trail running or strolling through the suburbs - there's nothing stopping you from making a difference. Hike it Out aims to highlight your environmental responsibility; if you step over the tossed water bottle, you are now just as responsible for it being there. Become an activist and pick it up!

In November Hike it Out Week will provide a full week of content to pledge takers on how to care for the environment, minimise your impact and respectfully enjoy the outdoors.

By taking the pledge, you are committing yourself to saying "I care" and setting the intention to make a difference.

Get involved with the campaign either on Facebook, Instagram or the Website.

Facebook: hikeitoutcampaign
Instagram: @hikeitoutcampaign
Website: www.thisramblingrover.wordpress.com

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Samantha Gash: Runner, Social Entrepreneur, Dynamo

Samantha Gash: Runner, Social Entrepreneur, Dynamo

A Photo Essay: "Colour of Adventure". Morocco, North Africa

A Photo Essay: "Colour of Adventure". Morocco, North Africa