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Are you ready to discover the power of adventure?

Hayley Talbot

Hayley Talbot

The Travel Play Live Women’s Adventure Summit is a groundbreaking event allowing women to experience the joy, in a safe environment, of stepping beyond comfort zones, trying new things, of raising personal standards and expectations, and of letting go and having fun!
— Hayley Talbot

A mother, writer, and integrated marketing strategist with a background in corporate law and a mean passion for adventure. She is passionate about the environment, the empowerment of women, and youth mental health.She is a fierce advocate of the remedial effects of ‘getting the hell outside’ and now she joins the Travel Play Live team as one of our ambassadors for The Women's Adventure Summit.

We caught up with her to find out more.

Why did you say YES to being an ambassador for the Travel Play Live Women's Adventure Summit?

The Summit is a way of connecting my passion and the life changing things I have learned in the wilderness and on my adventures with a collective of women ready to raise their standards. Ready to up their own ante.
The wild has given me so much. As a human, the more time I spend in nature the more I fall in love with the dichotomy of its ruggedness and fragility, and how vital it is that we do what we can to protect and preserve it. As a woman, and especially as a mother, the more time I spend in nature undoing my conditioning and returning to who I am, the greater the urgency I feel to connect and share these freedoms and the myriad ways they can empower and invigorate our everyday lives.
The Travel Play Live Women’s Adventure Summit is a groundbreaking event allowing women to experience the joy, in a safe environment, of stepping beyond comfort zones, trying new things, of raising personal standards and expectations, and of letting go and having fun! To be a part of an event born of a philosophy I share, was an easy one to say yes to. Besides, if Travel Play Live didn't ask me to be an ambassador I would have asked them!

What do you think women will take away from emerging themselves in the Summit experience?

I want women to walk away with the confidence to TRY. To walk away hungry. To walk away obsessed with their "why" and if they're not sure what it is, to walk away obsessed with discovering it. Everything good in the solar system of our lives, radiates from the sunshine of our ultimate purpose. It is the magnetism of motivation that draws us to our desires instead of the tediousness of the pushing and grinding for things we think we want, but that our souls know otherwise. When women are in conflict it is because forces are keeping them from being who they are.  Nature is completely free of the constructs and conditioning that try to dictate who we should be. It's why we crave it. It's why Nature is a woman; a mother! She gets it! When we walk in alignment with our purpose life is purely abundant. Women adventuring in nature is a flawless metaphor of purpose. It's no accident that we crave it the way we do.

What is your definition of Adventure?

I have several definitions of adventure, beginning with a big idea to do something that I'm not ready to do. It starts with an idea. Something I must grow into, a person I must become to accomplish a goal. Then the adventure arc curves steeply upward when, even though I've prepared, I realise I've got no idea what's coming next. It’s a bold step into the unknown. And the arc usually finds itself vertical in the final definition, which is when everything is going wrong at the same time! When you really have no idea what's coming next and you're drawing on every resource you have, every fibre of your being to prevail. When you've been to that point, everyday challenges are scaled differently, with a greater depth of perspective. 
Adventure is a pure form of present living. It's heightened awareness, its every one of the senses engaged. It's the antithesis of existing, it's the completely elevated plane of BEING ALIVE.

How do you see Adventure as a catalyst for change?

All perceptible change is the external evidence of an inward shift. Nothing changes unless we change. Change requires decision making, and decision making is the very rudder of Adventure. It's courage under fire, it's clear headedness when the chips are down. It's being mentally tough and spiritually unbreakable ahead of reacting emotionally weak. Adventure is also the bedfellow of contemplation. Not the rapid-fire thinking society provokes with its over-stimulation of our exhausted minds, but the quiet space to develop ideas, to arrive at conclusions, to hypothesise, theorise, and to dream. Adventure proves the infiniteness of our potential to us. This literality is unbelievably powerful, because the truth is, it's not adventure that is the catalyst for change - its us. 

What can delegates expect from you over the weekend?

To be there for them. To listen and be highly engaged so that I don't miss a moment to be of use. I am so excited to hear about dreams and goals and to share how the lessons I continue to learn in the wild can be applied in an every day sense to bring anything purposeful to fruition. But more than that, attendees can expect a passionate advocate for adventure seeking to encourage and help empower women to get out there and experience like revelations for themselves! It's all waiting beyond that mind-created perimeter...!

Kemi Nekvapil

Kemi Nekvapil

Caroline Pemberton

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