Find The Courage To Say Yes

Find The Courage To Say Yes

I can remember the very moment I made the decision to go on an adventure that seemed crazy in my mind, but so right in my soul.

And it was in that moment that I knew an adventure like no other would unfold before I even hit the road.

Four months before turning 40-years-old, I decided to get rid of most of what I owned, stop giving my dream lip service and finally pack up my entire life to move into Hank the Tank (my 4WD), travel New Zealand and run my business on the road.

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Maybe it was the fact that such a significant birthday was coming up and I took a look back over my life. Or maybe it was that it had been five years since my mum had passed away at the young age of 61 – before she could do all the things she wanted to do – that got me asking myself, “What’s the one thing you have always wanted to do and haven’t?”

Life has a funny way of bringing together moments where the call from your soul for adventure is louder than your fears. 

It’s in those moments we expand our courage and say ‘yes’ to adventure. 

We say yes to stepping into the unknown of the ‘how’.

We say yes to trusting that the adventure will unfold before us as it needs to.

We say yes to allowing us to go for our dreams.

For some crazy reason we get stuck in our ‘groundhog’ day version of life believing that that’s how it is.

Oh hell no sista…. Life is whatever you want it to be.

Now I get to wake up snuggled in my sleeping bag in some of New Zealand’s most epic places. Sometimes I drift off to the sound of the waves pounding the rocks on the rugged West Coast. Sometimes I wake to frost on my windscreen as the snow capped mountains bring a fresh -3 degrees.

Sometimes I wonder what I’d be doing if I hadn’t had the courage to say ‘yes’ to the adventure of life on the road.

I’ve climbed mountains I didn’t even know I could. I’ve stayed in remote huts, walked through sand, snow and mud. I’ve ridden breathtaking mountain bike trails in lush West Coast forest and rugged, rough South Island terrain.

I’ve taken Hank the Tank four wheel driving to the top of a mountain and sat and cried at the pure wonder of nature.

When I said ‘yes’ to my soul’s call for adventure 12 months ago, never did I think it would change my life the way that it has.

Even though the challenges of rainy days, muddy gear and lonely nights has made me question from time to time if I’m doing the right thing, I can honestly answer ‘yes’, the adventure of it is worth it.

I’ve found new levels to my courage that I never would have found. Adventure has a funny way of bringing that out in all of us.

So, whatever adventure it is that your soul craves, find the courage to say YES and go for it.

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