Everything You Need to Know When Considering Your 1st International Trek

Everything You Need to Know When Considering Your 1st International Trek


Aussie Trekking Guide & Mountaineer Cherie Horne's Top Tips

Cherie Horne is an accomplished high altitude mountaineer and one of Australia’s leading trekking guides. She has climbed all over the world and  operates her own personalised adventure trekking business, taking novice adventurers to some of the worlds most spectacular regions.

In addition to her guiding talents, Cherie is also an experienced high performance coach, a simulated altitude training specialist, and a sought-after motivational speaker. Her top trekking tips below will assist in making well informed decisions about the type of company you choose to support your 1st international trekking expedition.

1. Don’t ‘consider’…believe in yourself and commit! Where this is a will, there is a way, “Don’t just dream adventure…live it today!”

2. Make sure you are in good health to embark on your adventure, especially if you will be trekking in a high altitude environment. Consult your doctor in regards to any health considerations and to ensure the necessary vaccines & injections are administered at correct times prior to and during your trip. 

3. If you are unsure if your fitness requirements and your abilities, find a mentor or coach to support and assist you in your goal.

4. Get 'Trek Fit' . There are trekking companies who specifically prepare you for your trekking adventures. Consider not only your fitness, but your ability to move freely and without pain. A good trainer can help you address your personal requirements and design a program  around your schedule. 

5. Look for a high quality, professional  trekking operator. Research trekking companies to travel with; check their accreditation, read testimonials from previous trekkers. Even ask can you speak with past clients/trekkers.

6. Ask yourself: ‘What type of service do I want/need? Small/ large group, woman only, budget, deluxe, female guide, local or Australian guide ? 

7. Ask questions and make sure your answers are met and understood. It is important to feel confident in your tour operators and guides, knowledge, experience and professionalism is a must for your first experience as an international trekker. 

Cherie is Australia’s leading female trekking guide and experienced mountaineer who has climbed mountains all around the world including Asia, Africa, Europe, North & South America, New Zealand & Australia.


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