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The Magic of Macedonia

It’s no wonder Macedonia is leaping on to the adventure travel scene. This is the ultimate adventurous can-do country with a personal kind of magic. On a five-day mountain bike trip around the country’s southwest region, fulfilling our group’s random demands became an informal game of “meet that challenge”.

Out of Africa

There is always a certain anticipation in the preparation leading up to a big trip. Making sure you have the right equipment, mapping out your journey and reading travel guide after travel guide in the singular hope that it will capture a sense of reality to where ever it is that you are going.

Age is No Barrier

The barriers to adventure collectively diminish as you get older and more experienced at life. It's a bold statement and counterintuitive to what you might think. As you get older, wiser and more in touch, your adventures only get grander, more sophisticated, more grounded and have greater depth.