All in Play

RIP Tess Ley - Adventure Through Adversity

Change is inevitable. As Marcus Aurelius stated, “Every part of me will…be reduced by change into some part of the universe, and that again will change into another part of the universe, and so on forever.” Whether adventure is a coping strategy for dealing with change in your life, or whether adventure has been the catalyst for change in your life, the consciousness with which we approach adventures can often lead to unexpected (but not unwelcome) enlightenment on what we wish to do in our short, but very precious, time on this earth.

A Migratory Life

Travel writer Bonita Grima asks: What is it that makes us want to roam to faraway places? Perhaps this call to explore parts of the world that are wild and unknown is a call to explore parts of ourselves that are also wild and unknown. Or perhaps it is an invitation to challenge and push ourselves, to help us learn and grow?