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Adventure of a Different Kind

On a wet, misty day in the Blue Mountains, a woman in a wheelchair and a young boy are suspended off the side of a cliff. The woman is Sarah-Jane Staszak, and the boy is her eight-year-old son, Hamish. With them are two photographers, and a host of volunteers organising the rope rigging, lighting systems, cameras.

Out of Africa

There is always a certain anticipation in the preparation leading up to a big trip. Making sure you have the right equipment, mapping out your journey and reading travel guide after travel guide in the singular hope that it will capture a sense of reality to where ever it is that you are going.

Creating A New Normal

Riding through Sydney one Friday morning, I started chatting with Kate. It was her bike-a-versary, she told me, a year since she had started riding. I looked around the group that surrounded us, a group that had become synonymous with Friday mornings. Everyone had a unique story that brought them to these roads. But unlike other bunches this one was made up entirely of women. 

Geocaching with the Kids

Exploring the outdoors with my kids is a fairly new phenomena, it's not really a surprise that they are only just warming to the idea. In theory they are keen, in practice there is an awful lot of complaining, so much in fact that at one stage I contemplated ducking off the track and disappearing into the wilderness never to be seen again.

Taking Time Out from the Tiger

Modern lifestyles are full of stressors and balancing daily responsibilities with our competing desires for health, adventure and playfulness is a fine balance. Whilst juggling the balls, it is easy to find oneself continuously running away from the tiger, to the detriment of our health, femininity and energy.