Caroline Pemberton

Caroline Pemberton

Caroline Pemberton
For me, adventure is an attitude. An innate wanderlust spirit and curiosity that inspires you to explore our wild planet, be outside and enjoy life whatever that means for you
— Caroline Pemberton

Caroline is a television presenter, producer, adventure addict and once upon a time Miss Australia. Winning a beauty pageant was seriously unexpected for this adventure girl who fell into the competition through charity. Growing up with two brothers and always outside, she found herself more comfortable in a pair of muddy boots than wearing a tiara, so she quickly hung up the high heels, quit the catwalk and broke a new trail. She wholeheartedly believes in the transformative power of adventure and wants everyone to experience the exhilaration of the outdoors and a more genuine connection the world around them. And now she joins the Travel Play Live team as one of our ambassadors for The Women's Adventure Summit.

We caught up with her to find out more.

Why did you say YES to being an ambassador for The Travel Play Live Women’s Adventure Summit?

Saying 'YES' was a no brainer. Being part of the Travel Play Live community is a great privilege, but to be part of it as an Ambassador is an honour. We stand for the same values and have the same belief that adventure is transformational.

What do you think women will take away from emerging themselves in the Summit experience?

No matter who you are, or what kind of adventurer you may be, whether you are a bush walker or a BASE jumper, being part of the Summit will give all of the participants a broader community of like-minded chicks that charge in the outdoor world and let’s face it, sometimes we all need a girlfriend to pick up the phone and motivate us to get outside, to jump on our mountain bike or grab a surfboard. Women love to team up and share experiences with their friends and this is the perfect place to meet more of them that are into the same things you are. I also think that trying new action sports or activities can be slightly intimidating so this is a safe place where you can give things a go without having to invest a huge amount of time and money getting all the gear and rocking up and trying to teach yourself. It’s like an ultimate taste tester weekend where you can really engage with some activities and stretch your adventure repertoire in the most supportive and encouraging ways.

Also, glamping tents!

What is your definition of Adventure?

For me adventure is subjective. You aren’t more adventurous if you are a BASE jumper vs. a bush walker. My definition has nothing to do with your activity of choice, how proficient you are at it, how “hard core” or “bad ass” you are, or what you’ve achieved expedition wise. For me, adventure is an attitude. An innate wanderlust spirit and curiosity that inspires you to explore our wild planet, be outside and enjoy life whatever that means for you.
Adventure always has an element of pain. I have a little brand and nickname MissAdventure (playing on misadventure) this is because I believe that it is through our misadventures that we create our greatest stories, our deepest memories and our strongest personal growth. It happens unexpectedly, when we are challenged and triumph. So don’t be afraid of a little hardship. Being an adventurer means you need be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

How do you see Adventure as a catalyst for change?

Listen for your call to adventure. It can and will be a transformational experience. When we explore new places, push our physical limits, challenge our personal beliefs, our perspectives of ourselves and others change, things shift and we create more meaning in our lives and change in the world we live in.
An example of that, when you have an incredible day out in the world’s playground, you will fall in love and then fight to protect that playground. Seeing it overrun by pollution or overuse will make you angry and motivated to stand for change. Or when you experience a life changing moment whilst travelling, and you find yourself immersed in somebody else’s culture as a result, you will open your mind to that person’s differing beliefs and respect those. Separation rapidly falls away. Adventure and travel too, have the power to change the world simply by changing its players for the best.

What can delegates expect from you over the weekend?

The thing about me is that I am not an extraordinary athlete. I’m not an elite adventurer. I haven’t broken records and probably never will, I’m just an everyday Aussie girl with an adventurous appetite, probably like 90% of you. I’ve been fortunate to indulge that appetite for the past twelve years. I’ve been fortunate enough & slaved tirelessly to make that my life. I’ve stepped foot in all 7 continents and seen nearly 50 countriesso I’ve taste tested the world and the outdoors and tried most things and feel qualified to give relatable advice, like a friend might, on where/when & how to expand your boundaries.

Hayley Talbot

Hayley Talbot

To Raise Brave Girls, Encourage Adventure

To Raise Brave Girls, Encourage Adventure