Caroline Machado Campos: Making Memories and Realising Dreams

Caroline Machado Campos: Making Memories and Realising Dreams

Photo by Matthew Kane on Unsplash

Photo by Matthew Kane on Unsplash

What is your personal definition of adventure?

Making memories, achieving goals & realising dreams. Taking risks and having the courage to do things differently. Exploring new opportunities and finding new materials. Travelling, learning, creating, innovating and essentially mixing it all together and coming up with completely new things that no one has ever seen before. Walking the unbeaten path!

What is a personal adventurous highlight?

A trip to India, travelling through Rajasthan, camels through the desert, boats up the Ganges, sharing chai with locals, discovering artisans in alleyways, beautiful weavings, block printing, beading Sari’s, visiting the most intricately carved temples & sacred spaces. There is so much to discover in India.

Caroline Machado Campos

In your opinion, what is it about active adventure that appeals and inspires so many people?

It’s exhilarating and inspiring! It makes you feel alive! Life is short and creating your own adventure is so rewarding. Being active outdoors in the wildest conditions combined with the pure natural beauty of our world seems to have such a calming effect too. Discovering new cultures, it’s a totally different experience to the normal day-to-day life for most and provides such a great opportunity to challenge yourself, to push yourself to the limit and create some amazing memories.

How does your business Mountain Designs help people tap into this?

We are the first step of many amazing journeys and incredible adventures, so when a customer visits our store their experience needs to be the very best it can be! Most of our passionate team are involved in some form of active adventure and are able to provide first hand experience and advice of what the best products to enjoy the ultimate adventure are. Our team have extensive product training, because recommending the right product is serious and really can affect whether our customer has a positive or negative experience.

Simple things such as recommending a sock liner with a sock inside a boot will help prevent blisters and first time hikers will appreciate this extra concern! 

What lessons have you learnt from your own personal adventures that you have been able to apply to running a successful business?

Persistence is key. The first time you try something new it may not always be successful but don’t give up! Believe in yourself –– it may take a while for new ideas to catch on, don’t be disheartened, have no doubts and try harder! Constantly challenge yourself & your team to deliver the best outcome.

What is one of your biggest highlights so far in this Mountain Designs journey?

Definitely our 40th birthday celebrations! The MD Adventure 2015 – we were able to get 80 of our Mountain Designs team together, camping under the stars at Mt Warning. We had an amazing time with lots of fun including a sunrise climb, a film night under the stars in which we premiered a documentary film specifically made to capture the early beginnings of Mountain Designs and we finished up with a 70s dress up party, which was awesome fun in an old, decorated barn. It was definitely an experience that won’t be forgotten!

Do you have a personal bucket list of adventures? If so, what is currently at the top of the list?

Yes, I love travelling, exploring new things and the sense of freedom and not having to adhere to deadlines. My list is too long to mention but I’ve been pretty inspired by Alyssa Azar, our MD Brand Ambassador and the youngest Australian to Summit Everest on 25 May 2016 and have decided that I would really like to visit Nepal and Base Camp at some point!

What is your advice to our readers who are teetering on the cusp of their first big active adventure?

Enjoy every moment! I’m a big believer in taking the plunge. But be prepared and do lots of reading, check the weather and monsoon seasons. Make sure you take the right gear – don’t forget to check out our new MD Winter Range & grab one of the Transient jackets, extremely breathable Goretex, so lightweight & comfortable for any situation. Email yourself copies of all itineraries, tickets, address and passport/visas just in case! Capture the memories & have fun.

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