Caro Ryan

Caro Ryan


Caro from Lotsafreshair is one of Australia's top bloggers / vlogger when it comes to all things outdoors. Growing up in Sydney in a family that never went camping or on outdoors adventures, it came as somewhat of a surprise to discover hiking and camping in her mid 20’s and it fast became somewhat of an obsession. The outdoors totally changed her life and she is keen to share her knowledge and stories with others – hoping that they’ll catch the bug too! When she is not out in the bush, she can be found running a Production and Communications Consultancy company, shooting in remote and logistically tricky locations such as jungles, volcanoes and on the high seas.

We're super excited she's be joining us at our Women's Adventure Summit. Here's what she had to say about it:

Why did you say YES to being involved in the Summit?

I said YES to being involved in the Summit for so many reasons. I was thinking back to my happy memories of school camps as a kid and I really feel as though this is our chance (as grownups… with our big girls pants on) to celebrate and remember those times (or reinvent them if they weren’t so great!). It’s so easy to go on conferences for work or for study/training and find them to be a bit of a drag. Maybe we have to go, have to sit through endless Powerpoint presentations, but this is our chance to get away from everyday life...for us… connected to our passions, our dreams and to get in touch with what the 3 words of TRAVEL - PLAY -  LIVE really mean. Another reason is that I believe wholeheartedly in what Amy and Kerryann are building and the power of encouragement and just saying YES. Saying YES to stepping outside of our everyday lives, saying YES to doing something completely unexpected and saying YES to a grown up ‘school camp’.

What can delegates expect from you over the weekend?

They can expect me to be one of them! I’m looking forward to putting my learning hat on and not only listening to other speakers, but listening to them. I’m honestly just a chick who loves bushwalking and has learnt a few things along the way, with a lot of things yet to learn. Oh and just a heads up… I’m actually an introvert, so if you see me with RBF (resting bitch face) I’m not really…  so please come and say hello!

Caro Ryan / photo © Jake Anderson

What is your definition of Adventure?

Adventure is anything new. Anything you’ve never done before, any place you’ve never been. It could be a new job, new relationship, new home, new country, new skill or new friend. It’s looking at things in a new way and even though others may have pioneered the way before you, it’s your adventure and you own it.

How do you see Adventure as a catalyst for change?

Ooo well, seeing as I just said that adventure is change, adventure is new… it’s all so inter-connected. When things become predictable, repetitive and easy, it’s so simple to become complacent in life, in our jobs and in our relationships - to forget how much we have to be grateful for and to appreciate all that is around us. Whereas adventure forces us to re-evaluate, to re-think and to re-create our current realties. It shakes us awake to see opportunities and to indulge us in the process of looking fear in the face and turning it into possibility. Adventure is freedom.

If you would like to join Caro at the Summit, you can get your tickets here

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