Angie Jackson - Australian Champion SUP

Angie Jackson - Australian Champion SUP

We caught up with Angie Jackson, professional kite surfer who has turned her hand to SUP. We find out what makes this champion tick & her Paddle boarding adventures.

How would you describe yourself?

I'm a focused, determined, positive & super competitive person

When did you first get involved in competitive water sports?

My parents had me in the water since I could walk pretty much and I was bodyboarding in the ocean from 8 yrs. old. I loved the ocean. I started getting competitive about the age of 16 and never looked back.

So what made you first try out Paddle boarding? And now what is the attraction?

I first gave SUP a go back in 2008 on a big heavy old 11'6 with a heavy paddle at home in Currumbin Alley. I was hooked. I found myself out every morning just cruising around either in the flats or waves, pretty much what ever the day brought.  I was a professional kite surfer at the time and used SUP as a cross training tool however somehow I crossed over into SUP fulltime and gave away kite surfing.

Describe a great weekend in Currumbin - your hometown.

Well I have a very busy retail SUP shop  which is in Currumbin and keeps me very busy all the time. My usual weekend consists of training sessions with my GCSUP Squad, teaching SUP lessons, working either in my shop or hire trailer. Maybe try and get in a SUP surf in the afternoons if the surf is good.

Tell us about the sport of SUP for women in Australia.  Is it competitive  & does it attract sponsorship dollars and prize money for the athletes?

The sport itself is very popular with females and I think its because it's so easy to do. The racing and elite competitive women in Australia are world class. Sponsorship and prize money for elite women racing is still a battle like most women sports, however it is getting better. The ratio female to male in Australia would almost 40/60 and growing.

We know you have a long long list of successes but what would you class as your greatest SUP successes to date?

That’s a hard pick. I think my best success was the World Series Finals just finished in Hawaii. Even thou l finished 2nd place for the year we faced the largest waves of the day, Hawaiian 15ft and I got smashed! Lost my board and ended up having to really just try and survive in the final. It was the biggest surf I ever had to race in and I faced some good personal challenges that day. Even us elite racers are always learning.  

What is your ultimate SUP goal?

To win a World Title again in 2015 and train as hard as I can to do it.

What benefits do you as a woman get from regular paddle boarding? Why would you recommend it for women?

I find paddling relaxing, its just me my board and the water. I love it. Even if I am training in the flat water punching out 20km I love it. I put music in my ears and just go. Women have better balance then men and that’s why we pick up the sport better.

What advice/tips would you give gals wanting a to purchase a paddleboard and gear and learn the art this summer?

The best advice I can give any women is to buy from a reputable shop with qualified staff. Do not buy over the internet unless you know exactly what you want to buy and know whom your dealing with. Get a lesson if you can to learn the basic stroke and balancing techniques. Get yourself a SUP board and hit the water :)

Thanks Angie

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