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Three Generations of Dreamers

Bringing her passion for the outdoors and change together, Frances Antonio adventurous dream was born. This April she will be hiking the 769km Camino Frances, the main pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostella in Spain, raising money and awareness for One Girl along the way andsharing her journey along the way.

Conquering Fear

People often ask me if I ever get frightened photographing wild animals. The answer is “no”. I have stood next to black bears while they fished for salmon. I have remained absolutely still while wild horses galloped straight towards me. No, being out in the wild doesn’t scare me. What really terrifies me is surgery. 

The Magic of Macedonia

It’s no wonder Macedonia is leaping on to the adventure travel scene. This is the ultimate adventurous can-do country with a personal kind of magic. On a five-day mountain bike trip around the country’s southwest region, fulfilling our group’s random demands became an informal game of “meet that challenge”.