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An Ode To My Outside Self

“When I’m in the outdoors I feel as though I’m exactly where I should be. In the outdoors I feel stronger, more capable and more focused. I no longer care about what I’ve achieved in life because I’ve just achieved something amazing. Right here. Right now. Right in this very moment.”

Nocturnal Safety For The Urban Adventurer

A swag of women designers across the world are now creating cool urban cycling fashion and accessories for women. To the naked eye, they look like everyday fashion accessories, but under lights and on a cyclist, they are glamorous, life-saving adornments. Pieces are subtle enough to integrate into the daily wardrobe, going seamlessly from the staff meeting to happy hour. 

Remember What You Love

When I was sure that no one was watching, I got up and danced in the sand. My arms wide, my chin lifted skyward, I moved to the tune of the ocean and the beat of my heart. I began to sing, softly at first, and then gaining courage, I let my vocal cords be free to the wind.