5 Women, 5 Adventures, 1 Message - 'It's OK Not To Be OK'

5 Women, 5 Adventures, 1 Message - 'It's OK Not To Be OK'

When you think of the word hero, hopefully, these days you don't conjure up an image of some guy in spandex with an American accent and a cape. We hope that Wonder Woman at least comes to mind.

But as we all know heroes come in many forms, from many different parts and pursue many different paths. They can be brain surgeons, mums, athletes, politicians, authors, and speakers. 

For us they are adventurers. Women who are shining the spotlight on something they passionately care about and using the positive power of adventure to catalyst change.

Here are five incredible Australian women who deserve our attention, particularly passionate about Mental Health. All who have overcome obstacles, and are now actively pursuing their goals and inspiring others in the process. Women who, although they may be a little shy in saying so, are changing the world for one person each step they take or pedal they push.

If you missed our series during Mental Health Week, check out these women, their missions, share their stories and support if and where you can.

1. In 2010 Terra Roam's path through life fell into a crevasse so dark and lonely, she didn’t think she was going to make it out. In desperation to escape the darkness, Terra tried taking her own life; but her spirit of survival was stronger, today she is walking solo around Australia.

Terra's Story


2. Since January 2016, Jenae Johnston has established a strong eco-brand Bush Walk the Gong in Wollongong, NSW. An ambassador for outdoor women, Jenae embraces a healthy and nature-conscious lifestyle that encourages a tribe of followers, of all demographics, to get out and explore the local natural landscape. 

Jenae's Story

3. Ebony's struggle with anxiety and depression has led her to become an advocate for mental health awareness. After being attacked trauma brought Ebony's life to a standstill. She shares her story so others know its okay not to be okay and that things can and do, get better. 

Ebony's Story

4. Meet Ang Roan, 20 years old committed to cycling 805km, solo, from Adelaide to Melbourne to raise $50,000 for Stand Up Events and their world-class research to eradicate homophobic behaviour and language in youth in sport nationally and around the world. 

Ang's Story

5. Only a few years ago Amy-Nicole couldn't get out of bed, today the 30-year-old  will get out of her tent and continue her 6000km+ self-supported odyssey across Australia by bike.

Amy Nicole's Story


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If there is a woman you know, who has a passion or purpose, using her adventures to positively influence the world.

If you need assistance you can contact the following organisations:

Lifeline: 13 11 14
Beyond Blue:  1300 22 46 36
Black Dog Institute


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