All Aussie Adventuress Cherie Horne

Crossing the Khumbu Icefalls Mt Everest 2005

Crossing the Khumbu Icefalls Mt Everest 2005

We are extremely lucky in our line of work to be connected with some truly inspirational women. Cherie Horne, one of our original supporters, is not only that, but is a warm, authentic soul that exudes positivity and extends the hand of friendship.

To that, her client testimonials include comments  like "Cherie is caring and exudes strength, determination and utter professionalism"  and " I have to say that if not for Cherie Horne I would never have started and would never have reached Everest Base Camp let alone enjoyed the journey. She was with me from the day I met her 2 years ago…through training and on the trip."

Now what more could you want from your guide when trekking some of the worlds highest peaks? We caught up with Cherie as part of our All Aussie Adventuress series of interviews.

So Who Is Cherie Horne? Describe Yourself in Seven Words?

Fit, dedicated, professional, genuine and caring adventure woman!


What has been your biggest aspiration in life?

To make a difference and inspire all those I come in contact with and to run the best personalised international adventure trekking business in Australia – Cherie Horne Adventure Trekking.

Adventure means something different to us all, what about to you? 

It gives me purpose. It gives me meaning. It gives me inspiration, happiness, friendships and memories to cherish for the rest of my life. It also validates all the hard work I have done and continue to do each day of my life!


 Your most rewarding moments, usually look like what?

Rewarding moments for me are those indescribable moments when words are not needed, times with tears of joy and elation when helping people achieve their goals and reach their potential. 

Where does your mountain climbing inspiration stem from?

From a very young age I always had big dreams. It began as an Olympic dream then turned into a mountaineering (Seven Summits) dream when I was forced to retire from elite level distance running. Despite not representing my country at the Olympic Games (due to injury) I won 3 Australian Track and Cross Country titles prior to my forced retirement just prior toSydney 2000 Olympic Games.

The ultimate turning point was a life changing expedition to Everest Base Camp in 2005 with the Victorian Police Everest Team. 

Spending 2 months at the base of the highest mountain in the world (as support crew and assistant to Jennifer Adams, channel 7 documentary-maker) changed my life in many ways. It was the catalyst to what I am doing today – operating my adventure trekking business; in the process of climbing the 7 Summits (highest mountain on each continent of the world, now just 2 to go) and a few other complementary jobs; high performance coach & gear tester and sales advisor for Kathmandu.

 What do you carry in your back pack when you trek/climb? 

Loads!I usually carry between 22kg-30kg each expedition.

I am well recognised all over the world in being the small Aussie girl who carries a pack bigger than herself and heavier than most men can carry!


• Food & Water

• Comprehensive First Aid Kit

• Specialised Clothing

• Logistical equipment

• Photo of my mother, Dianne and late father, Tony.


Cherie you were one of the first women to truly embrace our adventure women magazine concept, tell us why? 

I have a love for adventure, challenge and am an advocate for women achieving their goals and following their dreams however big or small they are!

What Travel Play Live stands for,  it’s an awesome thing,  and is something I am equally passionate about. We must support each other and unite for the future of women’s adventure travel. Bring it on!

I am behind TPL all the way!


For Cherie's tips and advice if you are considering your first international multi day trek to one of the worlds highest peaks you can click here or visit her website 


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