Big Heart Adventures

It begins as trail-time and turns into something far more beautiful and cathartic. It joins women with other women, offers engagement with nature, and allows the chance to connect with the inner self and get off the grid. Trails offer different degrees of difficulty, challenge, fulfilment, empowerment and reward, and participation can change women’s lives.  

Five To Thrive: Hard To Find

We love talking about happy places with high profile women, and discovering how they find time to disconnect from busy schedules and reconnect with nature. We were delighted when Eri Stewart, Founder of Hardtofind, found a moment to chat with us.

Over Tourism

We live in an increasingly globalised and connected world. Thinking about our next trip is as easy as jumping onto a computer and letting the hours fall by as we read blogs, look at photos, and plan our adventures. But, alongside this convenience comes a need to be responsible in how we travel. 

Redefining Adventure

Our society is all about a ‘can do’ attitude. And yes, women can do anything. But I wonder, does that mean we have to do everything?  True feminism is about having choices; not feeling pressure to be Superwoman. We want the opportunity to say yes to everything, but not feel an obligation

Already a Runner

I was on the mountain alone – I usually hike as a pair – and the track suddenly seemed a lot longer than planned. My casual Sunday afternoon introductory trail run, that I had relished to tackle in solidarity, suddenly left me panicked that I wouldn't reach my car before dark. So, I pushed myself to run beyond my limits. I got dizzy and anxious until I was feeling ill. Moments from throwing up, I managed to find some common sense and sit myself down.

High As A Kite

Kitesurfing is seriously mesmerising to watch; so peaceful, graceful, and effortless. And who can concentrate when you are surrounded by Instagram worthy palm trees? That, and I still had four days and five lessons to go. Piece of cake. Or so I thought.

The Initiation Walk

We walked through the town, no one knew what we had just accomplished -that we had just walked 250 km in 13 days, mother and daughter leading each other. No one knew that we had been challenged by the elements and by our own minds. No one knew how far we had both come internally and externally.