Travelling Responsibly for a Sustainable Future

“It’s the small things we do that add up to make a difference. We encourage our trekkers to use public transport – they actually love this as it is a great way to experience the real, day-to-day of the place you are visiting. You’d have to agree that driving around in a chauffeur driven limo would not be the same.”

RIP Tess Ley - Adventure Through Adversity

Change is inevitable. As Marcus Aurelius stated, “Every part of me will…be reduced by change into some part of the universe, and that again will change into another part of the universe, and so on forever.” Whether adventure is a coping strategy for dealing with change in your life, or whether adventure has been the catalyst for change in your life, the consciousness with which we approach adventures can often lead to unexpected (but not unwelcome) enlightenment on what we wish to do in our short, but very precious, time on this earth.

Escaping The Daily Grind

Have you ever asked “What job could I do that would allow me to travel, give me the freedom to follow the sun, the people and the experiences that i want in my life?” then second guessed yourself when you came up with an idea? Read this……

Finding the Light Within

Modern society leaves us hard pressed to find more than a handful of hours a day when we are not exposed to something designed to make us question ourselves . We are mentally and emotionally tired, we are stressed, and we are over-exposed. But there are still a few places where they can’t touch us. 

Is Disconnection The Way To Get Connected?

For me personally, it’s only when I’m out there, maybe hiking, running trails, on the open road, or in the clear air, that I remember to breathe and dream. I remember who I really am. Who I was before I decided to live by the rules given to me by others.

Finding a Sense of Self

“I wasn’t feeling lost or desperate when I decided to hike, instead I was curious, empowered, and adventure seeking. I wanted to know what it felt like to live in the wilderness. I wanted to meet who I’d be at the end”.