Bikes, Kids, Changing the World - Want to join me?

Sometimes all you have to do is ask…

EDIT*** So far we have raised enough money to support more than 33 bikes! Thank you! But don't let that stop you from donating. I have spoken with Cherie McGonagle - Executive Director of the Princess Project and decided that once the bikes have been funded, additional donations will be used to cover the feeding projects, medical care and the children's education expenses. At the bottom of the page, I have included a full list of current needs & how much is needed to fund those needs (in case you are interested)

Again - a huge thank you for saying yes to help - together we really can make a change.  Amy xx


You are here, because today I dared to ask - so thank you for saying YES!

The goal is to raise enough money to purchase 23 bikes for children in Cambodia so that they can get to school, so thank you for helping this happen. 

You have a few options on how you can donate. I've asked for $50 as this way regardless of how you choose to donate, once any bank fees are considered the Princess Project should get more than sufficient funds to purchase the bikes.

In keeping with their objectives, the Princess Project team will make every effort to use 100% of your support for the specific project we have chosen, however, if the support for the bikes exceeds the need, the staff will use our support in a project that has similar objectives. 

Sounds like a plan.

Thanks Amy xx

Option 1: Let Travel Play Live make the donation on your behalf
(not tax deductible) - This option is now closed-

Option 2: 

If you are happy to make a non-tax deductible donation to The Princess Project, you can do that by depositing directly into their account:

MOH Princess Project. 
Acc Name: Message of Hope Ltd. 
BSB: 014227
Acc No: 2140 356 98
Please use the reference: TPL Bikes

Option 3: If you would like to make a tax deducible donation for the bikes, please head to:

Credit Card:

The Princess Project partner with Global Development Group, an Australian NGO, for project J830N

Other needs you may wish to contribute to:

$350AUD/month for rice and vegetables for 20 unsponsored children and their impoverished families.  (by providing their food, the families allow the children to stop working on the streets and go to school.  It's a very simple but practical game changer).

$69 AUD/month provides clean water for all the rescued children.

$288 AUD/month provides safe transport to bring all the children to vocational training and extra curricular activities such as language lessons, computer lessons, self defence lessons, child protection training sessions, stranger danger classes, hygiene classes plus sports, games, art, craft and fun outings at the park or the carnival.

or one off expenses such as:

$511 AUD to buy desks, chairs, a whiteboard and teaching resources to set up an English Language school.  (The best jobs in Cambodia require English.  So the rich spend around $60-$100 each month on English lessons for their children to ensure they get the best jobs.  By providing our beneficiaries with English language skills we helping them to have the same job opportunities as the rich).

$350 for us to run a child safety training day and include a hygiene workshop.  This is where we transport all the kids and their families into the community centre for the day.  As well as providing food and drink throughout the day we'll have different guest speakers teaching about child safety and stranger danger.  We'll mix it up a bit by having games and prizes as well as our Self Defence instructor will teach them a fun session on how to take down someone twice your size!  (it's really great to see how empowered the women feel when they learn a skill that will keep them safe!)  We then continue with the teaching and provide everyone with interactive activities to help them remember what to do when approached by a stranger etc.  Finally we'll finish on teaching about Hygiene and preventing the spread of disease.  Diseases and sickness spread quickly when people don't wash their hands or their food, so we teach the basics and also hand out gift bags of soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes and toothpaste.  It's always a fun day for the families involved, but more importantly we know that education is what will change entire villages.  Children are safe thanks to these seminars.

$2814 AUD will buy the Princess Project a needed new honda motorbike/scooter (the standard work vehicle of Cambodian organisations) and can often carry as many people as the average car.  Our staff use the motorbike to go out and visit with the children and their families daily, ensuring the children are safely at school,  meeting the needs of the family. Often it's used to deliver the children to school, to the doctor or the dentist.  It's used daily to search for and find children on the streets who are in need of being rescued.  It's constantly being used to deliver food to the hungry.  They're great little vehicles that are inexpensive to run and seem to last forever.

$3600 AUD will enable us to build a home for a family in need if they already own some land (occasionally they inherit land but can't afford to build on it, so end up on the streets).  Normally we can buy a block of land for under $5000 AUD.