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About the Grant

Adventure offers us the opportunity not only to be empowered or inspired but also to dream and dare. When women connect with adventure in its many forms, we see something more profound occur - an opportunity to channel its benefits for the greater good.

Not only does it allow women to grow into more confident, compassionate, resilient and courageous humans, women often use its power to affect positive change around them.

In themselves
In their Communities
In our World.

How Did the Travel Play Live Women's Adventure Grant Come To be?

Our Travel Play Live Team and a passionate group of supporters, advocates and adventurers were fired up by this comment from another grants program:

“Last year we didn’t award the $5000 sponsorship owing to a lack of what we considered to be truly epic adventures in the mix of applications. As a result, in 2017 we are awarding $10,000. If you know of any women considering a big adventure in the next year, please let them know about this substantial award.”

Once we picked our jaws off the ground, we began to discuss a few things. Firstly what is the definition of epic, and what is it that causes such a controversial reaction when the words adventure and women are used in the same sentence?

If we are honest, the word epic does tend to conjure images of extreme adrenaline filled escapades. Even the dictionary definition of epic is skewed to the male domain - "his epic journey around the world", however, in more colloquial terms epic can be defined as ‘extending beyond the usual or ordinary’ and we don’t see any issues with applying this definition to the domain of women’s adventure. In fact, until it’s the norm we will continue to accept the challenge to create change in this space in as many ways as we can.

And so the Travel Play Live Women's Adventure Grant was born.
We have received initial support from forward-thinking companies Fully Rad Adventures and Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour, both of whom have chipped in funds to give the grant legs, but we also need the communities help to keep it moving.

Here at Travel Play Live, we are a small independent team, with a big heart, a tremendous passion for what we do but unfortunately, this sentence doesn’t end with ‘and also an enormous bank balance’. So we are reaching out and asking our community to get behind this campaign and help us to support and champion four recipients who represent Australian Women in Adventure. (Pozible Crowdfunding launching October 29th 2017)

The Crowdfunding Campaign

Launching October 29th 2017

Our goal is to get the adventure community involved raise $15K - $20k in our crowdfunding campaign so that in addition to the funds already raised we can:

  • Allocate a minimum of $5000 in cash funding within each category of the Travel Play Live Women's Adventure Grant.
  • Develop a mentoring program for the recipients and shortlisted entrants to connect them with established female mentors in the arena, equip them with the skills necessary to present their project to the broader community, manage their PR and ensure they fulfil their projects goals.
  • Provide recipients with media coverage and support in the lead-up, during and post project
  • Provide recipients with equipment from our partners, so not only will grant recipients be supported and mentored to get their dream off the ground, they will be equipped with technically innovative apparel and equipment to assist them in reaching their goals.
  • Establish ongoing funds and the groundwork to ensure that the Travel Play Live Women's Adventure Grant becomes a key event within the Australian Women's Adventure calendar.

Who Can Apply for the Grant?

Applications will open in January 2018 (upon reaching our funding targets)

The Travel Play Live Women's Adventure Grant aims to encourage applicant(s) to consider a creative approach when submitting their application with a strong message that adventure has the power to create positive change, whether it be individual, locally or globally.
Applications are welcome from Australian women of all ages and backgrounds who are planning an expedition or adventurous project and can demonstrate how they will endeavour to use the grant funds, in an innovative, creative and adventurous way to showcase the power of adventure to affect change.

Application forms will be available to download from here in January 2018 
You will also be required to submit a 90 sec video introducing yourself and your adventure project as a part of the application process.


1. Expeditions for Change

We are after applicants whose primary goal of their adventure is to create change locally, nationally or globally via their project or expedition. This category is open to: 

  • Scientists and conservationists who may be conducting fieldwork in intrepid, extreme or remote locations.
  • Explorers and adventurers who are using their expedition to raise awareness on social or environmental causes.
  • Women forging new ground in the adventure arena and challenging boundaries

2. Adventure Film & Photography

We are after female photographers, documentary makers or filmmakers who are capturing the heartbeat of adventure across the globe. This category is open to creative women who are equally as adventurous as the subjects or locations whose story they are telling. 

3. Young Adventurers

We are on the lookout for young women adventurers under 18 years of age who are pioneering the way for their generation to embrace the heartbeat of adventure. 

Within this category, the funding may also be used to participate in skills training or competing at a national or international level in outdoor pursuits.

4. Women Adventurers over 50

We are seeking women 50 and over pushing the boundaries of expectations when it comes to adventure. 

Proudly Endorsed by:

Krystle Wright.jpg

Krystal Wright
Adventure Sports Photographer

"There truly aren't any barriers in this industry except the ones you have set yourself. Understandably, the tough thing to overcome is to find support and help that expedition or trip happen. I'm excited to see this new grants program launch to help other women carve out their way into the adventure realm and discover what their strength is. But more importantly, understand their weaknesses and how to grow and evolve from that vulnerable place."


Photo credit ©Andy Mann