Women's Adventure Grant

Supporting Epic Women and their Adventures

About the Grant

Not only do we share the stories of Australia’s amazing women, Travel Play Live actively supports Australian Women within theAdventure & Travel space, helping turn thedreams of women of all ages, with a passion for adventure, change, exploration and expedition into a reality.

The establishment of the Travel Play Live Women’s Adventure Grant, for 2017/2018 is in association with Dirty Girls Adventure Film Tour and Fully Rad Adventures and has been established to support women who display a creative and innovative approach towards adventure.

We know big adventures are never cheap, and we also know that often women can be overlooked in funding in this area due to the adventures of women often deemed ‘not epic’ enough. 

But we are here, along with our community to help make it happen for four Australian Women in 2018 and excited to announce that we are officially launching the Travel Play Live Women's Adventure Crowd Funding campaign to support the Women’s Adventure Grant.

Full Details coming soon

Krystle Wright.jpg

Krystal Wright
Adventure Sports Photographer

"There truly aren't any barriers in this industry except the ones you have set yourself. Understandably, the tough thing to overcome is to find support and help that expedition or trip happen. I'm excited to see this new grants program launch to help other women carve out their way into the adventure realm and discover what their strength is. But more importantly, understand their weaknesses and how to grow and evolve from that vulnerable place."


Photo credit ©Andy Mann



Expeditions for Change

We are after applicants pursuing a wide range of active outdoor pursuits, primarily with the purpose of creating change locally, nationally or globally via their adventure. This category is open to scientists & conservationists, explorers and adventurers of all kinds

Adventure Film & Photography

We are after female photographers or film makers who are capturing the pulse of adventure where ever it may be found. This category is open to creatives who are equally as adventurous as the subjects they are capturing.

Young Adventurers

We are after young women adventurers under 18 years of age who are pioneering adventure and paving the way for their generation to embrace the epic heart of adventure.

Women Adventurers over 50

We are after women 50 and over pushing the boundaries of expectations when it comes to adventure.