Whisper of the Wild Necklace

Whisper of the Wild Necklace

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"Listen closely to the whisper of the wild"

Materials: Sterling Sliver, Beach Glass

Wear your love of adventure and the wild with this beautiful Travel Play Live & Spindrift collaborative charm, paired with a piece of unique hand collected and sea smoothed beach glass.

Gift Idea: This necklace is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one with a love of adventure, the ocean, surfing and travel. Maybe they are full of wanderlust, setting off on a new adventure or an eternal traveller with a love of new destinations. Perhaps you want to buy something for them to remember an amazing trip they have been on in the past or inspire them to take a trip in the future. It is a beautiful gift for all adventurous women who love the ocean & the beach. It comes in a gorgeous recycled gift box.


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Please note that this image is a representation of the style and colour of the item. Due to the nature of beach glass, the colour, sizes and exact shapes of the beach glass will vary slightly due to the fact that each is totally unique. These differences we do not see as a flaw in fact we think that this is what makes each piece so special.