Issue 9

Issue 9


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Well what a wild year it has been! Adventure Summits, launching the Women’s Adventure Grant, ticking off two whole years in the world of print media, meeting some of the most genuine down to earth women and realising that we all are standing together on this journey called Travel Play Live. We have got to meet so many of our readers and followers, hear your amazing stories, laugh with you, cry with you and most importantly celebrate your wins with you.
The further along this journey we go, the more we realise that community is key. Kerryann and I could not do what we have done without standing on some very broad pioneering shoulders – women who dared to step out, push through and stand firm in their passions, talents and vision – it is an honour. To our team – thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Upon reflecting the Summit and our journey so far, I recently wrote this:
In a quiet moment of watching women discover the joy and surprise of learning new skills, I remembered the whole reason I said yes to starting Travel Play Live. It was to empower women through the catalyst of outdoor adventure, to tell their stories and build a legacy of shoulders my daughters’ generation can stand on.
You see adventure has a way of doing that. A way of pushing you into the unexpected, of facing your judgments and assumptions and smashing away your walls all in the quiet sucking in of your breath as you brace yourself and the melodic flick of a bird song or the gasp of a sunset of the smooth crystal water.
And so there we were…excited, scared, full of doubts and anticipation, but we all said YES to the possibility of adventure. To losing our inhibitions and finding ourselves on the edge of a literal and metaphorical cliff.
And that my friend is the real power of adventure.
— Amy Heague - Chief Editor