The Jewel of Australian Photography

Shipwreck on Fraser Island (c) Jewels Lynch 2014

Shipwreck on Fraser Island (c) Jewels Lynch 2014

With well over 150 million active users, Instagram is ‘the’ must have Mobile Photography App. Once you get past the selfies, pics of peoples lunch and the plethora of ‘stuff’, there are some amazing artists, photographers, designers and mobile-phone photographers showing off the world through their unique point of view. There are a few real gems, and it has been a real joy watching Australia’s very own gem - @Jewelszee take the Instagram world by storm.

I first ‘met’ Jewels Lynch aka @Jewelszee a few years back in our little pocket world in the then little know Instagram. It has been a pleasure to watch her joy & beauty on display for all to see in her stunning gallery and I am very excited to introduce you to the beautifully adventurous photos of Jewels Lynch.

Hey Jewels, in a few lines describe yourself for us:

A happy & positive mother of two beautiful teenage daughters, who has decided at almost 40, that it was time to turn my dreams into goals and make them a reality! Passionate, caring, and mostly kinda silly, I’m someone who is constantly excited by life and love!

Where do you hail from?

Whilst I was born in Sydney, I grew up all over Australia and New Zealand, reaching a total of 19 schools before completing year 11. It wasn’t until I had my own daughters that I decided it was time to stay in one place for a while, spending most of their upbringing in little Mullumbimby town, northern NSW, before ending up here at Snapper Rocks on The Gold Coast, where I am incredibly contented.

Uluru (c)Jewels Lynch 2014

Uluru (c)Jewels Lynch 2014

Who or what inspired you to get involved into Photography?

As a young girl I was always into fashion, mostly for the amazing photographs I would see in magazines. At 16 I lived and worked in Japan for 18 months and the first major thing I ever bought myself was a camera, (it was all I wanted) only to have it stolen from me a few weeks after arriving back in Australia. I remember at the time, knowing that I wanted to be a photographer, and dreaming of studying at uni, and becoming world renowned in the profession. Having the camera I had worked so hard for taken from me, put a bad taste in my mouth. Then life got in the way, and was really really hard on me, and for whatever reason I never saw it as a possibility again until one day, I got a little iPhone 3G, and found a free app called Instagram… and well the rest is history!

Hervey Bay (c) Jewels Lynch 2014

Hervey Bay (c) Jewels Lynch 2014

How has your photography opened up opportunities for you to travel this beautiful country of ours?

These last two years have been quite amazing for me, from winning holidays, to winning $10,000 and buying my DSLR, to being invited all over the country to take photos and share them through my social media. Now I’m getting paid work as a travel photographer, yes, its been a whirlwind ride! The opportunities I have been given to travel and do photography work sharing this beautiful country of ours has been a dream come true for me! Giving up a regular job so that I could dedicate all my time to travel photography as a full time career now.

What have been some of your highlights so far?

Oh gosh! Where to begin! Snorkelling with turtles on the Great Barrier Reef, Hot Air ballooning over the Atherton Tablelands, Flying by helicopter over the rugged wilderness of South West Tasmania, dinner under the Milky Way with Uluru in the distance, sailing the Solway Lass, a tall ship, around the Whitsundays, and the list of amazing experiences goes on!

Kangaroos on the Beach in Mackay (C) Jewels Lynch 2014

Kangaroos on the Beach in Mackay (C) Jewels Lynch 2014

Any idea of where to next?

Dubai!! At the end of November I will be joining 24 other Instagrammers for the Instameet of a lifetime hosted by Tourism Dubai! It’s very exciting.

Where is your dream destination to photograph?

My dream destination at the moment is definitely Canada… I just can’t even begin to describe how beautifully picturesque that place looks to me!


Where can people follow your journey?
People can find me mostly on Instagram @jewelszee while on Facebook I have a page called ‘Photography By Jewelszee’. I also have a website under construction which should be up and running soon where I’m looking forward to being able to create more a visual diary of all my adventures. 


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