Dear Dolly Dr, I’m all grown up now, what’s next?

One would assume upon hearing the recent news that iconic Australian Magazines Dolly and Cleo are closing their doors, that print media is a slow dying medium. Yet is it the medium that has become obsolete, or is it the content?

Is it proof that our society is now demanding more realistic ideals of health, beauty and lifestyle as opposed the manufactured ideals once presented through mainstream media?

According to industry expert Emma Chalmers, creator of the cultural analogy @rebelology, we are in the midst of a cultural rebellion. 72% of the market share of the $60billion dollar industry of fitness, beauty and lifestyle who happen to be women, are rebelling against the manufactured ideals and marketing strategies and are demanding a more realistic, diverse and authentic representation.

There has been a prolific shift in where we are investing our money, readership and loyalty. We are rejecting the messages of perfection and replacing them with pro-diversity. This was one of the many reasons we were inspired to create Travel Play Live Magazine.

We wanted to create a magazine that represents the heartbeat of Australian women’s adventure and shares the new narrative; one of diversity, passion, triumph and change. We represent the everyday women who are out there on the coal face of life; at home, work and play. Women who are courageously taking life by the horns, climbing mountains, smashing stereotypes, exploring new territories and inspiring a new generation of active women to find their true north.

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Amy Heague

With over 20 years experience in the Arts & Media arena, Amy is a creative, dynamic and outside of the box thinker and public speaker.
Passionate about empowering women to discover their unique gifting and skills they have to ‘bring to the table’ be it in their professional or personal lives.