No Blood Should Hold Us Back

If you’ve been following us here at Travel Play Live for awhile, you will know that we aren't afraid to talk about periods. In fact we’ve done so here, here & here.

So when I saw this today, I just about wet my pants with excitement.

I never thought I could love an advertising campaign more than the one for This Girl Can from the UK (except for maybe the Panda Cheese ads, but I digress)

This campaign for Bodyform is bloody brilliant. (yes Aussie pun intended)

Their press release is equally fantastic

And then there is their artwork - LOVE

Thank you to the brands and agencies who are getting this right.

I look forward to more companies getting the memo that women are freaking awesome & love to do ‘epic’ shit and are not fragile butterflies afraid of getting mud on their boots, twigs in their hair, climb mountains, cross oceans or get a little bloody in the pursuit of their dreams.

From tutus to two rounds in the ring, a woman in full flight is a beautiful thing.



Amy Heague

With over 20 years experience in the Arts & Media arena, Amy is a creative, dynamic and outside of the box thinker and public speaker.
Passionate about empowering women to discover their unique gifting and skills they have to ‘bring to the table’ be it in their professional or personal lives.